Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chemo Is On

Just a little note to let you know that Lauren got a call from U of M. Mercy had faxed Lauren's labs to them and her platelets were in the 160,000's. She needs for them to be over 100,000 for chemo so yay for that. We were in the middle of WalMart yesterday when they called. They have dropped since she last had chemo. They were in the 190,000's three weeks ago. Lauren and I will be leaving tomorrow morning around 8. She has labs at 12:15, doctor at 1:15, and chemo at 2:30. We will stay overnight with Sis and Bruce tomorrow night. Last time we drove there and home all in the same day and it is just too hard. So we will stay overnight and drive home Thursday morning. I had to call in Lauren's prescription today for her Xeloda, which is her oral chemo med. Before I called it in, I called the company that manufactures or distributes this medication. I'm not 100% sure which it does but anyways, it is called Genentech. They offer a co-pay card that helps with the out of pocket expense of the drug. This drug would cost at least $3000 for each chemo treatment if Lauren didn't have insurance. She has to pay $50 for each supply,but with this card, she will only have to pay $10. Every little bit helps because she only gets a small amount of money from disability and most of that goes to pay for her COBRA insurance premiums. We thank the Lord every day that she at least has insurance. I don't know what other people do. I will look through my file of photos and post one, since I find a post with no picture not too much fun. I will let you know how everything went when we get home. Love, -Pam

This is a real blast from the past. Kristen, Lauren, and Ryan at Homecoming festivities at University of Toledo. I think this was 2004. Little Bub was so tiny. Now he is about 6'1!! Sis would've been around 22, Wo was 18, and Ryan was 13.

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