Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthdays and Consultations

Hi Everyone!!

It seems like forever since my last post. I am happy you are all still following right along!! Two big things happened this past week. Lauren and Mark had birthdays and we went to Michigan to meet with Dr. Sonnenday, Lauren's surgeon.

Lauren is still doing terrific on her healthy lifestyle. She is eating right and exercising every day. On Thursday, we started increasing our time on the bike and treadmill to 60 minutes from 30. If this doesn't burn fat, I don't know what will!! All I can say is my butt is getting really sore from riding that bike for an hour!! Lauren just walks and walks until her time is up. We are running out of Sex and the City dvds, so we are going to have to move on to something else. We have tons of movies, but we like little half hour shows to keep our attention.

Mark, Lauren, and I went to Michigan on Tuesday for a consult with Dr. Sonnenday. Lauren got a port flush before we went to see him. We saw him, Lauren's nutritionist, Patti, and two of Dr.Sonnenday's nurses. One might have been a PA. Dr. S was his usual dynamic self. He said that he has been thinking a lot and might try a different approach to Lauren's surgery. This procedure is used in South America, but only tried about 50 times in the US. This would be the first time at Michigan. Basically, the larger of the two surgeries would be done first with splitting the liver in two, waiting 7-10 days and then removing the diseased side with the large tumor. I think he said he would take out the smaller tumors on the first surgery too. Lauren would stay in the hospital the whole time in between surgeries. He thinks that this might be advantageous to Lauren because the two surgeries would be closer together, thus giving the tumors less time to grow since she has been off chemo so long. He will have to decide the day of surgery after he looks around and sees how much reconstruction of veins or arteries she might need. This is a very huge, dangerous surgery, so please pray as much as you can for Lauren. We have every confidence in Dr. Sonnenday and trust him completely. Dr. S and Patti were very pleased with Lauren's weight loss and fitness. Patti told us all about post surgery and how the body needs lots of protein to heal. She also said that many people lose their appetites after surgery, so make sure to eat protein first and then everything else or drink protein replacement drinks like Boost. Next a nurse or PA came in and had Lauren sign all sorts of papers stating she understood what surgery she was having, that she might need transfusions, and that Dr. S would be doing the surgery. A bunch of other stuff too. Then a nurse came in and told Lauren all about arriving for surgery, what happens, and post surgery. Very informative. Dr. Sonnenday wanted to get another CT before surgery, so we are going back Monday March 18th for that. It's creeping up on us very quickly.

Wednesday was Mark and Lauren's birthday. Lauren, Gio, Mark, myself, Ryan and Stephanie went to Rockne's for dinner. We all had a great time and went back to our house for cake and presents. Mark had white cake with white frosting and Wo had chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. We also had angel food cake with strawberries and light whipped cream. They both got lots of nice things and were happy.

 I started writing this post on Sat. and finally finished it today (Mon.) Lauren and I are going to Delaware, Ohio tomorrow to go shopping with my sister, Linda. My Mom is coming down too. We are going to help Linda look for a dress for my nephew, Matt and soon-to-be niece, Katie's wedding in May. Katie might come too. I think we will have so much fun. My sister is a riot to be around and we always laugh and have a great time.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. We appreciate all of you so much. Here are some pictures from Mark and Lauren's birthday. Until next time....

Love, -Pam

Wo and Gio at Rocknes.

Mark and I at Rocknes.

The birthday girl and boy!

Opening cards and presents.
Fancy slippers!!
Ryan and his crazy hair. I love Stephanie in the background!!
Wo and sweet, little Peanut!!


  1. Never have I ever been so excited for a surgery!!!! Lauren is going to do great...she has so many people lifting her up in prayer!!

    Good job on getting fit...I actually started my own deal today.

    Looks like the birthdays were a success!!! I'm not positive...but I do not think Lauren could get anymore beautiful!!!

    HAVE FUN SHOPPING!!!! Get some good stuff!!!



  2. Sorry I'm so late replying here. We love you and appreciate your support so much. Thank you.