Saturday, September 22, 2012

It Has Been A Pretty Good Week.

There was not too much happening this week, but I owe you all an update. We are all the way up to over 8000 hits on this blog, which is crazy. Thanks to all of you that care so much about our girl.

Last Saturday, I finally got to go to my favorite restaurant, El Rincon. I don't know why, but I crave their food so much. Since being diagnosed, Lauren cannot stand to eat there anymore and doesn't really have a taste for Mexican food. Mark gets so tired of asking where I want to go to dinner and winces when I say El Rincon. I think the only one that likes it as much as me is Giovanni, and poor guy never gets to eat there.

Lauren was super tired last weekend, so Gio and I watched our Browns while Lauren napped all day. I don't know how much sleep she got since we were hootin' and hollerin' throughout the whole game. Darnit if they didn't lose again, but they looked much better than the week before. We still hold out hope for them. Mark could care less about football, so I'm sure he was outside mowing or puttering around fixing something. That guy can never sit still.

We were up early to meet our girlfriends for breakfast at the Frontier restaurant in Hartville on Monday. They had a big table reserved for us but a couple of the girls had to cancel last minute. So it was Lauren and I, Dawn, Debbie B., and Ruth. We had a great time as usual and great food too. Wo wanted to stop at Marc's on the way home to pick up a few things. She wanted to make homemade peanut butter cookies. She got home and realized they forgot to put the flour and baking soda into her cart, so she ran up to the little country store by our house and picked some up. She got halfway done and got too tired to finish, so she covered the dough and took a nap. She finished them later in the evening and they were delicious.

We didn't do too much on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lauren watched tv, got on her computer, and slept. She gets so tired from the chemo, she can hardly stand and I think she was worn out from going to breakfast and making cookies. She didn't even go over with Gio to his house when he went to paint. It seems like it is taking so long for them to finish his house, but by the time he gets home from work and gets over there, he can only work a couple of hours and he is tired. Lauren has done a lot to help, but sometimes she just doesn't have the energy.

Another thing that happens with Lauren after chemo is that she gets really grumpy. She is not like that normally, so it must be chemo brain or something. She turns inward and doesn't want to talk. If you ask her a question, she may or may not bite your head off. I ask her about this when she is in a good mood and she says she doesn't know why she acts like that. She doesn't mean it and loves us all so much. So it has to be from chemo or meds, or a combination. I know she doesn't mean it and will eventually be in a better mood. We all feel so bad for her.

Yay for Thursday!! Wo got up and was in a good mood today. She said she was bored, but I told her I had a lot to do at home today, so we would have to stay home. I found some paint by numbers that we had gotten when she was first diagnosed. She spent the day at the dining room table painting. Ryan came home and painted some too. I remember loving to do these when I was a kid. Lauren and Gio went out with Melissa and Dan that evening and had a nice time.

Wo was happy again on Friday. We went to lunch at Grinders in North Canton and had salads. Lauren didn't eat that much. Sometimes her tastebuds are off and things don't taste right to her. Darn chemo again. I am beginning to wonder if some of these symptoms are from her Oxaliplatin that she gets through infusion and not her Xeloda. Why would her mood change that much when she is still on the Xeloda until next Wed. We went grocery shopping at Marc's. Lauren and I always split up and she goes through all the closeouts and comes up with some crazy things. This time she found some martini glasses for Gio's house and they light up. She is crazy!!

Gio usually stays overnight at our house on the weekends and this morning they got up and went to his house to do some painting. I am sure Lauren will help a lot today because she was happy and seemed to have a lot of energy. I think Mark and I are going to take dinner over there tonight. I am only posting one picture this week since I don't have any new ones. This is from Myrtle Beach last year. We had the best time and it was right before we knew Lauren had cancer.

Well, that is about it for the week. Please pray for all of our CC buddies as well as Lauren. I really think the prayers work. Also, could you say a special prayer for our friend Marta in California. She has stomach cancer and is having such a hard time lately. She posts a lot of videos on Facebook and they are just heartbreaking. She is only 31. Her blog is listed on blogs I follow under Team Marta if you care to check it out. She is such a beautiful girl. Thanks so much. Until next time...

Love, -Pam

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