Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Fun Weekend

We had a quiet, uneventful week, but made up for it and had a great weekend. I love it when Lauren has things to look forward to. She seems to come alive and act like her old self. We were talking the other day and she and I really think chemo has changed her personality. Lauren used to be so happy and fun-loving. Now she is way more serious and it takes a lot to make her laugh. But, when you have advanced cancer, that'll do it to you.

Wo was done with her two weeks of oral chemo on Wed. She did better this time since Dr. Z lowered her dosage from 3500 mg. (3 pills morning and 4 pills evening) to 3000 mg. (3 pills morning and 3 pills evening). Her feet did not turn red on the bottom and hurt at all this time. It could have also been from the iv's of calcium and magnesium that she had when she had her Oxaliplatin infusion. Whatever it was, it worked. Lauren has suffered from some bouts of nausea this time. She always chews a piece of mint gum when she feels sick and it usually settles her stomach. She got up late one day and hadn't eaten in a long time. The gum didn't help that day and she did get sick. Nausea and vomiting are a very common complaint with this disease. Luckily, Lauren doesn't experience it all the time. I hope and pray it stays that way.

Lauren was really excited for the weekend. My Mom had her high school class reunion from Barberton on Friday night. She and my Dad stayed overnight with their friends, Danny and Ann in Wadsworth and came to our house Sat. afternoon. We all left to go to Green High School stadium late afternoon. Our friend, Michelle asked if Lauren would want to participate in Kick For The Cure. It was a fundraiser for cancer and they were honoring cancer survivors at the event. It was with all the soccer teams in Green and started by a coach that lost his wife to cancer. Michelle is the sister-in-law of our friend, Sharon who passed away a few months ago from the same cancer Lauren has. Lauren was so touched that Michelle thought to include her and and felt very honored. Michelle ordered Lauren a t-shirt and her two girls had fun pizzazzing it up by fringing the bottom. They were both so adorable. Lauren was escorted on the field by the two girls, Sarah and Lauren, and a member of the varsity soccer team. They announced each survivor and their escorts over the PA system. It was very nice. Then they continued with varsity games. We stayed for a little bit and left to go to dinner. I took some pictures at the event and here they are.

Lauren and Lauren

Lauren and Sarah

Lauren, Gio, and Mark

Lauren and her escorts on the field.

Wo with her Grandma Tommie and Papa Ron
Wo and Momma
Lauren and Michelle
Thanks, Michelle for the great time!! After the Kick For The Cure, we went to El Rincon. I know last time I said Lauren would not eat there again because she lost her taste for mexican food. Well, she made a liar out of me. She found her taste for the place again. Gio and I are especially happy!! My Mom ordered something different for once and it was the hugest thing ever. My Mom is a tiny, little lady and she got two huge plates full of food!! It was hilarious. She gave it a good try and ate a lot of it. Since they are getting older, my Mom and Dad eat a fraction of what they used to. They can even split a strip steak and be full!! We all just love when we can be together. Ryan had to work at both farms on Sat. and didn't get to make it to dinner. We all went to Gio's new house after dinner and watched football and hung out. Ryan and Stephanie came too. Ryan got to eat mexican food too. He just had to go to Chipotle and get his though. Here is a pic of the whole gang at Gio's. Gio was taking the pic.

We were sad that Sis and Bruce always miss everything. They were in Charleston, South Carolina all week. Kristen's friend, AJ was getting married and Sis was his groomswoman. AJ was one of her roommates in the big house she lived in with him, Asher, and Paul when they were in medical school.  They were all her bridesmen in her wedding. Here are a few pics of them from the wedding. They do not take many pics and when they do, they usually use their phones and they are usually blurry. I bug Sis all the time to take pictures, but it doesn't work.

Asher, Bruce, Sis, and AJ

Bruce and Sis

My Mom and Dad stayed overnight at Gio's with Lauren and Gio since they have two big beds. They came back in the morning and Mark made a huge breakfast. They left after noon to go to Columbus for calling hours of a friend of theirs and then stopping to visit my sister, Linda and her husband, Wayne. They sure are the little travelers. Always so busy!!

We will be heading to Michigan on Wed. for labs, doctor visit, and chemo. We will come home on Thurs. Please take a moment and pray for all of our friends with CC, other cancers, and Lauren. Many are not doing well right now and really need prayers. It breaks my heart every day when I check FB or and see so many suffering. We have got to find a cure. Thanks for reading and God bless you all.

Love, -Pam


  1. The family on that couch is awesome. What a great picture!! Everyone with their big smiles.

    There are a lot of friends out there suffering and I thank God every night that Lauren is not one. She is so bright and full of life...I mean absolutely gorgeous. She puts a smile on my face when I see her pictures.

    I am praying extra hard for the other friends who are having a hard time...I hate this cancer so much!!!

    Keep these great posts coming...cannot explain how or why I look forward to them...but I do!!!

    Love as always - Teresa :0)