Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bad Reaction To Chemo

Hi Everyone!  Happy Halloween!! Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted, but I have to psyche myself up to write. It takes a lot of time and thought and I haven't felt like thinking!! Lauren had a very trying time at chemo last Wednesday. I will try and remember as best as I can.

We left for Michigan early last Wed. morning. Hit a traffic jam near Arlington Rd. and it took an hour to go 14 miles. Good thing we give ourselves plenty of time. We got to Michigan about 15 minutes before we were due.

Lauren had a blood draw and then an appointment with Dr. Zalupski. Her platelets were only 63,000 and need to be 100,000 or more for chemo, but Dr. Z said he would just lower the amount of Oxaliplatin she got instead. He said he wanted her to have this chemo, one in November, and then a CT scan at the beginning of Dec. Dr. Z's PA, Marlene also saw Lauren. Lauren asked her about her nausea she gets from Xeloda, her oral chemo. Marlene said to take Compazine 15 minutes before she takes Xeloda. Lauren was taking Compazine when she got nauseous instead of before. I am happy to say that so far this is working much better for her.

Lauren got into a nice area for chemo back in a corner. She was happy she wasn't in the big, semicircle room that has no privacy. My Mom and Dad came to the hospital to visit . I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera this time. Lauren got a flu shot before chemo and had all her pre-chemo meds. Then she had her bag of magnesium and bag of calcium. She gets some hydration as well through iv. My Mom was back with her at this time. All the sudden, my Mom came out and said Lauren wants you back there. She is really itchy. I was a little concerned and went back. Nurses were all running around like mad. Lauren said she was really itchy, her face was beet red, and her ears felt like they were closing. She said her throat felt ok and didn't feel like it was closing. They had a pulse oximeter on her finger and a blood pressure cuff on her arm. The PA came back to get control of things and had her nurses give her Benedryl  three times, steroids a few times, hydrocortisone a few times, and Pepcid all in her iv. She then developed hives all over her chest. Her ears and scalp were also really red. She had gotten up and went to the bathroom when this first started and scratched her stomach so hard that there were blood marks under her skin. My poor Mom didn't know anything was wrong until Lauren told her nurse she didn't feel well. Lauren was so scared and they finally got her under control after about an hour. She had only had a small amount of Oxaliplatin and it caused this reaction. Her doctor had told her before that each chemo would get worse and some people had a reaction about the 6th or 7th time. He sure was right.

Lauren felt good as new after a few hours and was allowed to leave the hospital. I was and still am concerned what will happen without her getting chemo. She still is taking the Xeloda, but what is the doctor going to do? She has to be on something to keep her tumors from growing. I am sure Dr. Z will have something in mind. I think we will call him this week or next to see what he has come up with.

We went to Applebee's for dinner and Lauren felt great not having chemo. She usually wants to go right to Sis's and go to bed. She had a lot of fun. We all went back to Sis's house and watched tv. Sis and Bruce and their dogs weren't home. Their dogs were in a kennel and they were on vacation in Mexico. We got up and went to Bob Evans for breakfast and headed home.

Lauren decided to wait until Friday to start her Xeloda. She felt so good on Thurday and then back to feeling cruddy. She has been very achy and sore this time on Xeloda. She has also been so tired. I hope she can feel better soon.

She went out with Mark today and went with me on Monday to get my flu shot at Mark' work. She did go with me to the grocery store on Sunday as well. Other than that, she has been resting.

Here is a cute picture of Wo when she was a little girl. She was so adorable.

Today is our oldest daughter, Kristen Marie's 30th birthday. She is such a beautiful, kind, funny, compassionate person. We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. She never gave us a bit of trouble her whole life. We have been very lucky in that we have three great kids. All different and all special in their own ways. Her is a pic of Kristen or Sis as we call her and her dear husband, Bruce.

Thank you for continuing to read my blog. Please keep all of our CC friends in your prayers as well as Lauren and our friends with other cancers. Also our friends that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Love to all of you, -Pam


  1. Love to you all, special hugs to you and Lauren and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kristen xx

    1. Thank you, Julia. You are so sweet. Sorry, I just saw this post.