Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas, Lauren & Gio Got Engaged, And Fun At Grandma & Grandpa's House

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday season. We sure did and we are just now recooperating from all of the partying!

Lauren is doing ok since she is not on chemo until after the 22nd of January. She has days where she has lots of energy and days when she is super tired and sleeps most of the day. She was very nauseous yesterday, but took a Compazine and chewed some gum and it went away. If she does a lot, her back hurts so much. So she tries to take it easy for the most part, but overdoes it some days. We will be traveling to Michigan next week so she can have an MRI. This is her least favorite scan because it is about 2 1/2 hours in a small, hot tube. She really freaks out in the tube, so hopefully they will give her something to calm her down.

Wo and Gio will be leaving the next week for a trip to Mexico on the Riviera Maya. It is an all expenses paid trip won by Giovanni. I am really excited for them. They deserve this and so much more for all they have been through. Gio has traveled a lot and is really excited. Lauren has never traveled without her family, so she is pretty nervous. I am sure they will have a great time.

I am sure you all have heard, but I will tell you again. Lauren and Gio got engaged on Christmas Day after 8 (yes, you read that right) years of dating. We are all so thrilled for them. Gio came over at dinner time on Christmas. He brought Lauren a red pot and a vacuum cleaner for her presents, so she wondered what was up. He said he had a large present for her at his parent's house that he couldn't fit in his car. Lauren was in her pj's because she was napping most of the day. She threw on her coat and they left. He took her to his house, not his parent's, and helped her up the steps to the porch while she had her eyes closed. He went and did something and told her to open her eyes. Spelled out with Christmas lights was WILL YOU and then she turned around and Gio was kneeling and he said Marry me? She said she busted out crying and said Yes!!

The ring was too small, so the next day Mark and I took Wo to Hartville Coin and Jewelry. They sized her ring in a day and she was one happy girl. Here are Wo and Gio after the ring was sized.

The gorgeous ring.

The rest of this post is going to be pictures from Christmas morning at our house and then Christmas at Grandma Tommie and Papa Ron's up in Port Clinton.

Presents, presents, presents!

Our beautiful tree all decorated with lots of homemade ornaments the kids made. The big round ornament in the middle was a macaroni wreath made by Lauren when she was a little girl.

The picture we take every year!!

Sweet Wozer Girl.

Silly Sis jumping into Ryan's shot. Look at little Peanut!
Wo was tuckered out.
Little Petey. I gave him a break this year and didn't dress him in his santa outfit!
Little Penny watching over Lauren.
Stephanie. Such a sweet girl.

Ryan and his new laptop from Steph. Love those Hugh Hefner pajama pants!
The whole gang and Gio showed up!


Gio and Wo before the big engagement.

I think I have posted enough, so I will continue with the pics from Port Clinton in a few days. Thanks to all of you that care enough to read this blog. We love you all and wish you the best in 2013.

Love, -Pam



  1. Great Christmas photos!!! Everyone looks very happy!! Love how the furry babies photo bomb some pictures. Funny!!

    Lauren and Gio will have the best time ... I am so jealous. I need some beach and sun time myself.

    Congratulations again to the happy couple!! Love you guys so much and so happy that things are good!!!



    1. Thanks, Teresa. We love you too.

  2. congrats to lauren and gio. what a fabulous way to celebrate the holidays!

    1. Hi there. Can you tell me who you are? I love making new friends!

  3. hi pam - sorry, i didn't see your message until today! i stumbled upon this blog while doing research on cholangiocarcinoma. my dad was diagnosed in august 2012 and i blog about him at :)