Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Is Almost Here!

I didn't know if I would have time to post anything before Christmas, but by night time I am tired and usually play games on my computer or respond to posts on the website. So, I figured if I had time to do that, then I could write a blog.

Lauren and I left for Michigan on Wed. morning. She had bloodwork at 12:45, doctor at 1:45, and chemo at 3:00. Everything was on schedule. We saw Lauren's oncologist, Dr. Zalupski, and he said he had spoken with Lauren's surgeon, Dr. Sonnenday. Dr. Sonnenday had looked over her CT scans from last time and wanted a clearer picture, so he told Dr. Z that he would like Lauren to have an MRI. Hopefully, he will see that things look better and who knows what that might mean!! Lauren also signed the papers to be part of a study where she will have a liver biopsy again and the samples they take will be tested to see what chemos might work best for her. This is very exciting. Dr. Z wanted to coordinate all of this around Lauren's trip to Mexico with Giovanni. He said it would be best for Lauren to be off chemo for a little while to be able to get a good sample from the biopsy. She had her Gemzar at the hospital and is taking the Xeloda until Dec.26. We asked about the 5-FU pump again instead of Xeloda, and he gave us the choice. I asked him in his opinion which one did he think would work better for her and which one would he rather have her take. He said Xeloda, so that is what she is doing. She had the choice, but we like to do what the doctor says since he is the expert. She is having her MRI on Jan.8 and the biopsy the third week in Jan. Things are looking promising.

Lauren had chemo at 3:00. We got to the waiting area early because she got in to see the doctor early. She got taken back to the infusion area super early. That was a first!! My Mom and Dad came to visit at the hospital. Sis also got off work early and was there. We all have a great time together in the waiting area. Only one person is allowed back with Lauren at a time, so we all took turns. A research coordinator called Lauren and said she would be coming to the infusion area to collect a saliva sample and cheek swab for the study. She said Lauren would also have to go back to the lab for another blood sample as well after chemo. When Lauren was done with chemo, we went to the lab and she gave more blood.

We all went back to Sis and Bruce's house for a little bit and decided to go to dinner at Red Robin. All of us and Bruce went. We had a lot of fun and some good food. Here are a few pics from Red Robin.

Bruce, Sis, and Papa Ron.

Grandma Tommie, me, and Wo.

My Mom and Dad left for home and Wo and I stayed overnight at Sis and Bruce's. We got up the next morning and Wo and I went to Bob Evans for breakfast and headed home. Lauren has been doing ok so far. She has had a fever off and on since Wed., but that is normal with Gemzar. She takes Tylenol and it usually helps. If it goes up to 101, we are supposed to go to the ER. But it usually hovers around 100 or a little higher for a few days. Never 101 or higher so far. She has had a few bouts with nausea, but uses her trick of chewing mint gum and it seems to help. She also takes Compazine for nausea.

I spent all day cleaning today and I had Wo lay in the room I was cleaning and her job was to yell at me if I got sidetracked. Once in the afternoon, I took a bunch of stuff upstairs and she caught me trying to take a little catnap in my bed. Darn it!! She is very good at supervising.

Lauren and Gio are doing my grocery shopping tomorrow and it will be a big list since Sis and Bruce are coming on Sunday and will be staying until Thurs. Yippee!!! I'm sure we will have lots of fun and I will take loads of pictures. My Mom and Dad are going to a wedding on Sat. close by, so they will also be stopping by on Sun. Then, next Sat. we will be having another Christmas at my Mom and Dad's with my sister, Linda and her family. Oh, what fun. This is the day we all bring snacky food and all end up in a cheese coma. Haha. Hard on the belly, but it sure is good.

I hope everyone has a very nice Christmas. We are all so grateful that Lauren is still with us and doing well. God bless you all. Thanks for your continued support. Love, -Pam

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