Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Hope Things Turn Around Soon

Hi Everyone,

I'm really sorry that it has taken me so long to write a new post. I've been having a really hard time lately. See, I knew the bottom was going to fall out sooner or later. Oct. 9th was the four month anniversary of Wo's death and ever since then every day has been very difficult. I try so hard to stay positive and upbeat, but I just can't.

We also had another really bad surprise this week. Mark came home Monday in the middle of the day and said he lost his job. He was very surprised and dumbfounded as was I. That sent me over the edge into a deep, dark hole. We are survivors though, so I have faith Mark will find a new job and so will I. I quit my job in 2011 to be Wo's caretaker and haven't felt that I was healed enough to go back to work yet. How embarrassing would it be to bust out crying at work because something hurts my heart or reminds me of Lauren. It seems as if the pain of losing Wo is intensified now because we have lost our comfort of having stability. I just need to be strong like everyone else is when they lose a loved one.

Ok, enough depressing talk. My Mom and Dad took us on such a fun trip last weekend. We went to St. Clair, Michigan on the Jet Express. It was a four hour sight-seeing trip there and back. We traveled on Lake Erie, Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, and St. Clair River. We saw Detroit, which looked very gritty with steel mills on the river banks. We could see Michigan on one side of the rivers and Canada on the other side. Crazy!! St. Clair was very pretty and the water was much clearer up there. We had a delicious buffet lunch at the St. Clair Inn, a very old hotel. We walked on the boardwalk there and just enjoyed the lovely weather. The boat was a lot of fun. We chose to sit on the top deck and boy was it windy!! We lasted up there the whole trip except for about the last hour. The sun was setting and it got a little too chilly. Mark doesn't do to well on boats, but he got a prescription for Zofran which really helped. He was not tired from it and did not feel seasick at all. My sister, Linda, went with us too. She is always so much fun to be with. We got back to Port Clinton about 7:30, ordered a few pizzas, went back to my Mom and Dad's and crashed. We were all exhausted from the day. We went to the Tin Goose Diner at the Port Clinton Airport for breakfast on Sunday. My Dad and Mark had breakfast that featured chipped beef on toast. I guess when you are in the Army, they call it SOS. (Sh*t on a shingle) Haha!! Anyway, their breakfasts came on a metal tray like it would in the Army. I have pics of our trip and the breakfast that I will post.

I have always loved my family, but I have come to realize this year how much all of them mean to me and that is the world!! Nobody else loves you more than your family and nobody cares for you like your family. I am very blessed to be loved and cared for. If you think of it, please say a little prayer for Mark. He is a great husband and father and one of the hardest working people I know.

Thanks for all of your support. I will try to update more in the future. God bless.


We just got on the boat and got great seats!

Lunch at the St. Clair Inn.

The Boardwalk at St. Clair, Michigan

The Bachman Family

Chillin' in the sun.

The Jet Express


What a gorgeous day we had!!!

Perfect sunset.

Mark's gigantic breakfast with his SOS!!

And a picture of our sweet Wo....

She was so happy to be shopping for her wedding gown.


  1. You are blessed with the love and support of a truly wonderful family! We know that the Lord will provide an even better job for Mark - He doesn't let our talents go to waste. You have been traveling in the "valleys" of life, but be assured that many are praying for renewed joy and overwhelming peace in your hearts.
    Our love to all - - Rod & Janice

  2. Pam, I have been following your story since we joined the cc. board. We both lost our precious children to this horrible disease. I don't know how we will continue without them, but by God's grace he will see us through this journey. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

    Nancy Mccandless(Jeff,s mom)

  3. Many, many thoughts and prayers coming your way. You are SO blessed with the closeness of your family. I will pray For Mark to have a job soon and that maybe you, too will soon find it easier to work....may help take a little stress out of your life just by being with people. No matter what, God will lead you on this journey!! Hugs and MORE hugs!!

    Patty Corcoran

  4. Pam

    I was viewing your beautiful pictures, please look closely at the sunset picture
    it appears to have angel wings above the water. I believe its a sign from Lauren that
    she is ok. God Bless You Always

    1. Yes!! I see the angel too!!! Lauren is watching over all of you from heaven -- Continued prayers for your family and Lauren too