Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hiking and Halloween

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. I feel bad writing about how bad I feel because I don't want this blog to be doom and gloom. But, if I am being truthful to myself and to you, I have to tell you how I really feel. I think of Lauren all the time and miss her more than I could have ever imagined. I try and put on a happy face when I am with others, but the pain in my heart is so great. We finally moved Lauren's bed back up to her room last week. We re-arranged the living room and it looks so different. Wo's bed had been in the living room for over two years. She wanted it there so she wouldn't miss anything when she was not feeling well. She wanted to be with all of us all the time. Mark and I have been going through her room and boy, does she have a lot of stuff! We have already taken at least 8 bags and boxes of clothes and shoes to Goodwill. Wo loved to shop and was always looking for bargains. She has a mini store in her room with toiletries and makeup. She was such a crazy kid!

Mark and I have been trying to exercise every day either in the basement on the treadmill and bike or by walking outside. Saturday we went to Quail Hollow, a park in Hartville, which is a little town right next to ours. I wore a pair of hiking boots Mark had bought me for Christmas back in 2011 for the first time!! I enjoy walking through the woods and I really don't know why we don't walk there more often. It is very peaceful and beautiful.

My cute hiking boots that I have had for two years and wore for the first time on our hike.

My hiking buddy.

Ready to head off on our hike.
Thank you for your prayers concerning Mark and finding a new job. He has a few leads. We are hopeful things will turn out for the best.

I had breakfast with my friends yesterday at the Frontier Restaurant. We all had a good time as usual. Thanks to Dawn, Debbie, Chyrel, Ruth and Liz for making me laugh. You guys are the best.

Well, it is almost Halloween and our Trick-or-Treat is always on Halloween in our neighborhood. Lauren loved Halloween and she and Giovanni always passed out candy at our house. Mark and I will have to pass out candy on our own this year. Halloween is a special day to us because that is the day our Sis was born. She will be 31 this year! Wow, does that make me feel old. I will leave you with a sweet picture of Wo getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating when she was little.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog. Much love to all of you.



Sweet, little Wo.


  1. Such a sweet little bunny Wo was! Your hiking adventures sound wonderful and the fall colors are beautiful!Thank you for sharing and we are continuing to pray for Mark and you both! ~Lisa

  2. I think of you often Pam. You're absolutely right. It's best to be honest when you write. It won't do you any good to put on an act. The sadness is real and raw. I hope Halloween goes okay - not easy without Wo I know.

    Deb xxx

  3. Please continue to be honest!

  4. Such a cute little bunny! :) And yes, keep being honest it helps to talk about your feelings.


  5. I think of you often and I’m very sorry to hear Mark was laid off. Please tell him to hold his head high, because in the most important job called “DAD” he is the CEO of highest caliber! Unless someone has experienced firsthand what is involved when dealing with a serious illness of their child they simply can’t understand.
    Also sending sis a big * Happy 31st Birthday *
    I’ve been away helping my sister and didn’t have access to a computer. Her husband is conservative and they own a farm so I felt thrust back in time. I kept my thoughts to myself (mostly) but I’m independent so living a patriarchal lifestyle wasn’t easy. Enough about me, I just wanted you to know why I wasn’t around.
    I never met sweet Wo, but reading your heartfelt writings brought important parts of her essence and spirit forward. I feel her loss often so I can only imagine how difficult it’s been for you. I wish there was more I could offer to ease your heavy burden, but I care and pray someday you reach a place you can find a measure of peace in all that has happened. I know life is forever changed, but I believe over time Lauren’s memory will make you smile not cry.
    Life is a journey we are passing through together. In the end the people we loved and friends we cherished is all that really matters. I’m happy you and Mark are doing positive things together and you’re wearing your spiffy boots! The world can be difficult, but facing it with someone you love makes those tough times easier.
    Thinking of you,
    Hugs, Cathy and Heather

  6. P.S.
    Lauren looked absolutely beautiful as a bride!
    Hugs, Cathy and Heather