Monday, June 11, 2012

Almost There!!

As of today, we have raised $790.00 for Relay For Life. We are so thankful for all of your generosity. I have been posting thank you's to people on FaceBook and mentioning everyone that has donated by name. I would like to thank everyone here as well. So thanks to our team, Lauren, Ryan, Stephanie, Giovanni, Mark, Mom, and Dad. Thanks to all of our donors: Bruce Caudill, Katie Wilcox, Matt Whitlock, Michael Whitlock, Ron and Tommie Bachman, Jennifer Sadler, Katie Dain, Bianca Leonardi, Susan Crago, Bruce and Kristen Kaufman, Linda and Wayne Whitlock, Dawn Lewis, Jacqui Flaherty, Bruno Ricchiuti, Stephanie Sanderfer, Marsha Tomko, Kris Steinicke, D-A Specialty, Tammy Tomello, and Pamela Mollett. Thank you so much. You are all so awesome.

We have been busy this weekend baking and freezing muffins, making signs for relay, and making our "Spirit Hat". It turned out pretty good. We are beginning to feel the pressure to get everything done. I think we will bake cupcakes today and get all of our stuff organized into bins. So much!!!

Lauren and I will be leaving for Michigan tomorrow. She has an appointment with Dr. Feng tomorrow afternoon. She is her Radiology Oncologist that coordinated the Y-90 procedure. She just wants to see how she is doing. Maybe she can tell us exactly why Lauren's chest still hurts. My Mom and Dad and my sister are coming to Bruce and Sis's tomorrow evening to go to dinner with us and will go to chemo with us on Wed. My sister, Linda, is used to that. My brother-in-law had cancer a few years ago in his neck and they went through a brutal chemo schedule. I am happy to say he is now totally cancer-free. So she understands exactly what we are going through.

We will be coming home Wed. evening because we have so much to do on Thurs. We had a nice, hot, sunny day yesterday to lounge in the pool. I kept telling Lauren to put sunscreen on because they say people on chemo burn easily. She wouldn't put on the real strong stuff, but did manage to get her to put on some light lotion and she didn't burn. She wants to be tan. After seeing that creepy, tan lady on tv, I am not as keen on being super tan anymore. Just a little color is nice.

Hopefully the rest of the week goes smoothly. Wish us luck. Talk to you soon...

Love, -Pam

Here are some of our many signs and our cool "Spirit Hat" !!

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