Sunday, June 17, 2012

Relay for Life was so much fun!!

Relay For Life was so much fun, very moving, emotional, hilarious, and a lot of work!! We all can barely walk. Our feet and legs kill. But, what they said at Relay is that a cancer patient feels like that on many days. We will get over our aches and pains but they face them every day. That makes me so sad. We are happy to say that our team raised around $1800. Not bad for our first year. We had way too much food for the bake sale and popcorn sale. The glow stick stuff went fairly well. But, you gotta remember, we were only selling to the other teams. Not many outsiders were there. I am going to post a bunch of pictures and narrate what is happening. Hope you enjoy!!

Here is our campsite. The theme for this Relay was Cancer Takes A Holiday. Each team had to choose a holiday and decorate in that theme. Ours was 4th of July. So most of our stuff was red, white, and blue and a lot of American flags.

I had ordered t-shirts for our team before we knew we had to decorate in a theme. But we loved our t-shirts. Lime green with neon pink writing. They said Wozer's Warriors on the front and had everyone's name on the back. We also had a green awareness ribbon on them for Cholangiocarcinoma. I also had little pins made with Lauren's pic on them and they said Wozer's Warriors too.

The first lap of the Relay was for survivors and caregivers. Our team led the way with Ryan, Lisa Craine, and Lauren.

We had a lot of people come visit us at our campsite. Lisa Craine, who also has Cholangiocarcinoma, came and walked the survivor lap. Mike Taggart, Gio and Wo's friend, came with his daughter, Halle. Jolene Ricchiutti (Gio's Mom) came and helped with the sales. Michelle, Sharon Paul's sister-in-law and Michelle's Dad came and even walked some laps for us so we could rest. Sharon is our friend that has cancer too. Bruno (Gio's brother) and his girlfriend, Jacqui stopped by. Gio and Lauren's friends, Melissa, Dan, and Emmed came and showed their support. We also saw Stephanie's parents.

Lisa and Lauren

Mike Taggart and his daughter, Halle

Jolene Ricchiuti

Bruno and Lauren

Sharon Paul's sister-in-law, Michelle, with Giovanni and Lauren.

Each team had to have a "Spirit stick or hat." Ours was so awesome that we won the award for Best spirit item!! Here are our two lovely models, Grandma Tommie and Gio.

Here are just a few random pictures that I wanted to post.

The funniest part of the night was when they had a Ms. Relay contest. A guy from everyone's team was supposed to dress up like a girl. We chose Giovanni to do this and he was such a good sport about it. They interviewed the contestants and then gave them a bucket to walk around for an hour and get donations. Gio raised $110 and won the title!! It was so hiarious. Here are some of his pics as Giovantee'.

One of the laps in the middle of the night was a wheel lap. You had to do the lap with something with wheels. Ryan has a tiny trick bike that he rode. It was so funny, but the only ones that saw him were myself and Gio. Everyone else was asleep at that time. Nobody slept more than a few hours. Here is Ryan on is bike.

We were there until closing ceremony at 11:00 Saturday. I don't know if we have ever been that tired. But it was worth it and we would do it again. We would do it again for everyone fighting cancer, in remission, or sadly those are no longer with us.

Until next time...

Love, -Pam


  1. What great pictures...looks like a wonderful time. I know it can be emotional...but you can laugh in the face of cancer sometimes.



  2. We sure do laugh in it's face, Teresa.