Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Thanks and Family Time at U of M Hospital

We just got back a little while ago from Michigan. Lauren had an appointment yesterday with her Radiology Oncologist, Dr. Mary Feng. She is one of Lauren's favorite doctors. She is so pleasant to talk with. She didn't really know what was causing the pain in Lauren's chest. She has never had a patient with that symptom from the Y-90. She sent a prescription order to the U of M pharmacy for a liquid that is supposed to numb and coat Lauren's stomach. Lauren took one dose today and didn't feel a difference, but will keep taking it to see if it will help. Lauren is also having arm pain. Dr. Feng said if she was middle aged or older she might think it would be heart related, but Lauren's heart is very healthy, so she is stumped. It is better, but still is quite painful at times. Lauren is having a scan in two weeks, so if it is something the scan would probably show it. Leave it to Lauren to get the oddball symptom. Well, for that matter, how many 25 year olds get Cholangiocarcinoma? She is one in a million. Actually the statistics are like 2 in 100,000. And that is for all ages. It probably is one in a million for young women.

My sister, Linda, and my Mom and Dad came to Michigan to go out to dinner Tues. night with us and stay overnight and go to chemo today. We all stayed at Kristen and Bruce's house. Linda is a huge dog lover, so it was nice to have Buzz bug her the whole time instead of me. Linda and my Mom and Dad were at Sis's house when we got there after Lauren's appointment with Dr. Feng. Bruce and Sis were still working. So we drank a few bottles of wine while we waited for them. Bruce got home first. Sis got home after 7. She was at work in the morning at 5:30, so she had a long day. They also flew to Seattle last Friday and returned Sunday so they were super tired. We all piled into my Explorer and went downtown Ann Arbor for dinner. Bruce drove because I felt a little dizzy from the wine. We went to the Italian restaurant we went to for my birthday again. We wanted to sit on the rooftop, but when we got seated up there, everyone was too cold because it was really windy. So we went to the restaurant instead. It was really good, but rather pricey. My Dad treated all of us. He joked that it was our inheritence that he was spending!

Lauren and I usually have our own beds when we go to Sis's. But since we had other guests, Lauren and I slept in one bed and my Mom and Dad had the other. Linda slept on the couch with Buzz and Stink. She thinks she got about two hours sleep because Buzz hogged the couch. Stinky is really good and just lays at the end. She said she had to get up and lay on the love seat a few times. I wondered why in the world she didn't put them in the laundry room, but she didn't want to disturb them. Geez!! They were in heaven.

Lauren and I had to be at the hospital at 8:00 am. Sis and Bruce had left before I got up which was 6:00 am. My Mom and Dad and Linda got to the hospital after 9 and we were still in the waiting area, so they went and ate breakfast in the cafeteria. Lauren had labs at 8 and chemo at 9.  We had eaten a breakfast sandwich from McDonald's before we got to the hospital. We all took turns back with Lauren. We all had a great time. Lauren was done by about 1, so Linda and my Mom and Dad left for home and so did we. We got home around 6. We hit a huge traffic jam from an accident around Akron U, so that held us up for a long time. Glad to be home, but we still have so much to do for the Relay on Friday.

We had a few more donations and our total donations for Relay For Life are now $1050.00. WOW!! We are so excited. Although they would probably choose to remain anonymous, we would like to thank Kate and Rich Klaben for their very generous donation as well as their constant support of our family. We are so grateful to both of you. We would also like to thank my Mom's cousin and his wife, Rod and Janice Springer, for their generous donation. They are such nice people. We are deeply touched by all of those that have donated to this wonderful cause. Thank you all so much.

I am beat and I have a ton to do tomorrow, so I will say goodbye. Until next time...

Love, -Pam

Bruce, Sis, and Lauren at Paleo for dinner.

Linda, Grandma Tommie, Wo, and Papa Ron at the Cancer Center. Wo has her stylish fanny pack chemo pump on!! I like how you are all color coordinated!!

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