Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Tradition Of Getting Our Christmas Tree

We decided to go get our Christmas tree Sat. after Mark got off work. Last year we went to a great place called Galehouse Tree farm. It is a very long drive and we only had a few hours before it would start getting dark this year. We decided to go to Moore's Tree Farm in Hartville. It was a beautiful sunny day in the 50's. We wanted a tree like the one we got last year. A Frasier fir. The needles are short and soft. They had a good selection and after hiking around for a while we found one that we all liked. It is a rather skinny tree, but it will decorate nicely. In years past, we have had trees so big around, they took up half the room. This one is just right. We all went to El Rincon after we dropped the tree off at home and had a great dinner together.

Lauren is on her off week for Xeloda and is feeling so much better. Last week she decided not to take her last two doses because she was extremely nauseous and her feet were red and sore. She can stay awake during the day and has a lot more energy. She went shopping today with Ryan and Stephanie and last night she made cookies for Dr. Zalupski, so she is the old Wo again.

Mark, Lauren and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for U of M. Lauren has a CT scan tomorrow at 2. We have to be there at 1. Gio will be coming up to Bruce and Sis's after work so that he can go to Wo's doctor appointment on Wed. to see what the scan says. She also has labs and if Dr. Zalupski has a new chemo plan, she is scheduled for chemo. Please pray as hard as you can for good news. I cannot even begin to explain how awful it is to wait for scan results. It's a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that doesn't leave until after seeing the doctor. We are going to be positive. Hearing good news is the best feeling in the world. That would be the best Christmas present ever!! I will let you know the results when we find out. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. I will leave you with some pics at the tree farm and the end result. Until next time...Love, -Pam

Ryan, Wo, and Gio standing by our tree.

Lauren and Giovanni with a little Charlie Brown tree.

Getting ready to cut it down.


Ryan usually cuts it down.

Momma and Big Man
Gio and Wo

Haha. This picture cracked me up. Wo looks like she has an antenna coming out of her head and I just look like a dope!

Family pic. Sad Sis, Bruce, and Stephanie weren't with us. Gio was taking the pic.

I have no idea why we did this. I think the boys have weightlifting on the brain.

Pretty Wo.

Handsome Bub.

All done. A nice guy on a tractor took our tree to the baler for us.

This is what I spent my day doing with supervision by Lauren. I love it!


  1. Thank you for the beautiful post and pictures! I am praying for Lauren this week. Will be thinking about all of you! Enjoy your Christmas tree! Pam

  2. sometimes it is so strange reading your post. We have so many similarities it is scary. We always would go out and get a great big fat Christmas tree that would die early...needles everywhere and it would barely fit in our house. A few years ago we started shopping around found the frasier firs were awesome. The needles are softer, they are thinner and we fell in love with them. I will never get any other kind.

    The pictures are of course heartwarming. I love your family so much. I prayed all night for Lauren and have nothing but good thoughts for you guys. I just know the Lord will be good and give you nothing but just good news!!!!