Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We Are Happy

When I got up this morning the first thing I did was ask Sis if she had looked at Lauren's scan report. She said she didn't because if it was bad she didn't want to be the one that had to tell us. I said I can't wait until the doctor appointment. I want to know now. I told her to let me read it. I braced myself for the worst and was very surprised to see that all of the tumors were minimally smaller than before and only one tiny one was a little bit larger. Lauren had only been on her oral chemo for the last month because of her allergic reaction to Oxaliplatin. This is called stable in the cancer world. I would say it was a little better than stable since most of the tumors had shrinkage. We are all thrilled with the news.

We arrived yesterday to U of M a little before 1:00. Lauren had a CT scan at 2:00. She only had to drink two glasses of water before. None of the yucky contrast stuff. When she went to the desk to check in the receptionist told her she was very brave to wear that sweatshirt in here. Lauren totally wasn't thinking and neither were we. She wore a bright red Ohio State sweatshirt in the heart of Wolverine territory. It was an interesting day and we heard many people grumbling under their breath about that Ohio State sweatshirt. I think they are all just sore because we beat them in the big game. Haha. Wo was done around 3:30 and we stopped at Meijer for some snacks and went to Bruce and Sis's house.

We had some snacks and then Wo, Sis, and I went to Home Goods. Mark and Bruce went to Walmart. When we got back to their house, we decided to go out to dinner at Sidetrack, a burger joint in Ypsilanti. I guess their burgers had been featured on Oprah. They were really good. We got fried pickles and onion rings before the burgers. The pickles were huge spears, not little round pieces. I loved them, and Sis like them, but nobody else cared for them. I left the place with a bit of grease belly from all the fried food, but it was a fun place. There is a train track right next to the place and one went by when we were there. It flew by so fast that you could hardly see it!! It was a little bit scary. Then this guy kept hanging around outside the window we were sitting by. He picked a cigarette up that someone else had dropped and started smoking it! Gross. He kept looking in the window at us and was kind of freaking us out. We don't think he was homeless because he was dressed ok. I guess he just found us interesting. Gio pulled in the drive right after we got back to Sis's house. He had left to come up after work.

Mark and Bruce went to get donuts this morning and went a bunch of different places because nobody had maple creme sticks anywhere. They finally found some at Dunkin Donuts. In case you are wondering, maple is Wo, Sis, and my favorite donut flavor and you gotta keep the girls happy.

We got to the cancer center at 1:00 for Lauren's blood draw. We all went upstairs to the waiting area for Dr. Zalupski. Lauren's appointment was at 2:00. We saw his PA, Marlene first. I really don't understand why we see her because Dr. Z goes over all the same stuff. Lauren told him that the Xeloda is making her really tired and her feet are sore. He was pleased with her scan and offered her many options. No chemo, Xeloda only, or Gemzar and Xeloda. She chose the Gemzar and Xeloda.
She is having her Gemzar infusion now and will take Xeloda for one week instead of two. Then she will have a rest week and do it all again in two weeks. I asked the doctor about other chemos and he felt this would be best for her now. He said he will consider switching her to 5-FU instead of Xeloda, if the Xeloda continues to bother her, but he felt better with the Xeloda.

He also mentioned a study they are doing. Lauren would have a liver biopsy and it would be studied to see what kind of chemo might benefit her the most. Lauren agreed wholeheartedly and will sign the papers next time we are back. She is not excited about another biopsy because the first one was really painful, but she said she has been through so much, she can handle it. she will probably have it some time in January.

Dr. Z was very happy with the chocolate chip cookies Lauren made for him and the two ties she gave him for a Christmas gift. We thought we wouldn't see him again until after Christmas, but now with the two week chemo schedule we will. He reminded Wo that he expected another present next time as well. Always such a little joker.

I don't have any pics of Wo, but I did take a few pics of Sis's dogs. She dressed them up for me and we were laughing so hard. Buzz could not keep the the Santa hat on his big noggin an Stink just sat there like such a good boy.

Thanks for all of your prayers. They sure did help!! I will talk to you all again real soon...Love, -Pam

I am in the hospital right now and it won't let me post the pics. I will post them later.

Ok, I am home now, so here are Buzz and Stink. Buzz is the hyper, crazy dog in the Santa suit and Stink is the laid back good dog in the Elf suit.


  1. O.K. I do want to start out with Praise the Lord for good news!!! You guys deserve that...Lauren is so blessed!!! In so many ways!!!!

    Now let's get down to business...these dogs are too much!!! Those outfits could be the cutest freakin thing I have ever seen. And they look just thrilled to be wearing them :0)

    You guys are such a great family and I so enjoy this blog!!!



  2. Gotta love a Christmas Miracle! So glad to hear the scans were so positive. I check in constantly here and on the cholangio website to make sure things are still going well. Happy to hear they are :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

    Jennifer Sadler