Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Week Gone By

Well, another week has gone by and we are still missing our sweet Wo. I don't feel much different than in weeks past, but I know it is still too early. Mark and I still meet each other at the cemetery after he leaves work. I told him that I think it makes me sadder to go there every day, but I still feel like I want to go. He says he needs to go there every day. We both talk to Lauren wherever we are, but just feel closer to her when we are there. It is very quiet and peaceful. We can't wait until her monument, headstone, whatever you want to call it is done. We have received sketches of the stone for approval and have sent it back three times with changes. We think we finally have what we want.

I went up to my Mom and Dad's this week on Tues. and stayed until Thurs. My sister, Linda, and my nephew, Michael also came up. We had fun swimming in their lake because it was so hot!! Their air conditioning was going on the fritz and it was 81 in their house. Good thing I took Lauren's trusty fan with me. She used to lug that thing everywhere so she could be cool. My Mom felt so bad because this happened, but I really didn't care. We went through the whole summer a few years back without air when ours broke. I think I could manage a few days!! They are going to have to buy a new unit and will probably do so in the near future. My Mom doesn't like air conditioning and really never gets hot. We never had it as a kid and we lived. Anyway, Thursday was my Mom's 78th birthday. Kristen and Bruce came from Michigan that evening to go to dinner with us. We went to a Mexican restaurant. I told Sis to tell Bruce to go to the restroom and on the way back tell them it was Grandma's birthday so they would sing to her. My Mom had no clue and neither did my Dad. After dinner, I heard the waiters banging tambourines and I knew what was coming. A bunch of them came out and sang to her, slapped a sombrero on her head, banged her head with a tambourine, and smeared whipped cream on her face. She didn't know what in the world was going on. We all laughed so hard, we were crying. It was hilarious and felt so good to really laugh. I know Lauren would have gotten the biggest kick out of it and she was probably watching the whole thing. Here are a few pics of my sweet Mom.

I love how Linda is laughing so hard she is crying!!
I met our friend, Lisa, for lunch yesterday at the Hartville Kitchen. She has the same cancer as Lauren and was going to be a bridesmaid in Lauren and Gio's wedding. This is the first time I had seen her since the calling hours for Lauren. We did ok together. Some crying, but we were ok. We had a nice lunch and even shared a piece of coconut cream pie. Yum. We went to the cemetery after lunch and Lisa brought flowers for Lauren. We could only stay there for a little while because it was unbearably hot in the middle of the afternoon. I thought it was so sweet that Lisa wanted to visit her gravesite. She is such a sweet lady and we all love her very much. here is a pic of the very last time Wo and Lisa had lunch together. I sure will miss those times and I know Lisa does too.

Two precious girls that really got what each other was going through.
I am continuing with the keeping busy thing and going to breakfast with my friends on Monday. We are blessed to have people that care about us. My Dad has been rescheduled for his surgery and it is now Aug. 2nd. I will be going to U of M to see him through along with my Mom, Linda and Wayne. Kristen and Bruce will be working, but will make it there sometime during the day. Mark cannot take more time off work since he took so much when Lauren was in the hospital. I hope Gio is doing well. He needs time away from us to heal and we are respecting his wishes. We sure do miss him and love him. That is about it for now. Thanks to all who are still supporting us. We love you. I will leave you with another pretty pic of Wo. Until next time...


We miss you so much, pretty girl!!


  1. How could someone so beautiful and so loved leave this earth at such a young tender age?
    I read your posts, Pam, and my heart breaks for you and your family! I work with a lady that lost her only child (a son) a few months before he was to graduate from high school. He was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was 16 and they fought it with everything they had for 2 yrs.but he lost his battle too. Those are the stories that absolutely tug at your difficult to're not suppose to lose your children! Stay strong, Pam, keep your mind busy and stay close with positive, fun loving people - they will help you get through this and...your mom is certainly one of those special people! Love to you and your family,
    Pat Householder

  2. Hi Pam, I'm glad you are keeping busy. I look at these pictures of Lauren and just still cannot wrap my head around the fact that she actually passed away. I really thought she was going to beat that damn cancer. She is so gorgeous. It is so unfair. Your mom and dad are such a blessing to you guys. I am praying for your dad's surgery to be successful and he heals quickly. Think of you and Mark often. Please hang in there and know I love you and pray for your comfort and healing, too. Hugs - Marsha T.

  3. Awww Pam...your parents are awesome. That completely explains how you and your children have turned out the way they have. Thank God for them to help you thru this time. That is the only thing that got me!!!

    I will be praying for your dad and just keep trying Pam...I promise you will get there...and we will all be together someday!!!

    Love, Teresa