Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Hi Everyone,

Well, last week started out as a normal week, not much going on. I got a call on Wed. evening that my Dad was in the hospital again. What is going on with all my family being in the hospital!! He had gone for his cardiac rehab and the therapist didn't like how he looked, so he decided to wheel my Dad over to emergency. He had an x-ray and a scan and they found blood clots in his lungs. He was admitted to the hospital and was given blood thinners. I didn't tell him or my Mom, but I drove up and surprised them. I know, I'm sneaky. He was released on Thursday afternoon, but has to go back every few days to have his blood checked to make sure it is not too thin. I stayed and visited with them for a few days and went home Sat. afternoon. I get such comfort being with my Mom and Dad. I love you guys!!

Ryan went up to Kristen and Bruce's on Friday and spent a few days with them. He had so much fun. They went out to eat Friday night. He and Sis went kayaking on the Huron River Sat. morning. They had a double kayak and neither of them had ever been in one before. They tipped over once and Sis lost her shoe, but found it later. Here are a few pics of our sporty kids.

That evening, the two sportsters, along with Kristen's friend, Becca, ran in a 5k called the Neon Vibe. The proceeds benefited the Children's Miracle Network. They had a ball getting all dirty and running in the dark. Here are some pics of that.



Bruce didn't get to go to the race because he was working that night, but the next morning Sis, Bruce, and Ryan went out to breakfast. Ryan left for home Sun. afternoon.

Ryan will be running a half marathon in a few weeks at the Akron Marathon. He is running for Craine's Cholangiocarcinoma Crew in memory of Lauren. I am so proud of this kid for wanting to help find a cure for this cancer. Go to www.crainescancercure.org if you would like to donate.

Not much else going on. Mark and I might drive down to Amish country tomorrow since it is his day off. Other than that, who knows. Mark is feeling fine after his scare with his heart. I will leave you with a pic of our sweet Wo. Until next time...


Wo getting chemo and Ryan keeping her company. Poor kid had lost most of her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. This is a rare shot of Wo with no makeup, the way I liked her best.


  1. I love reading ur posts so much

  2. Pam,
    I’m so relieved for you that Mark is going to be fine, but what a horrible experience. I read your post several days ago and didn’t have access to my computer to comment. Your entire family has been through so much surrounding sweet Wu. I expect it’s been very, very stressful mixed with enormous sadness.
    I know life is forever changed, but you are doing so well under the circumstances. It’s nice the way you honor Lauren’s memory and understand it’s important to heal the best you can and carry on. Life can be wonderful, but so hard sometimes. I guess we just have to appreciate the good times and be there for each other during the tough ones.
    Hang in there and I hope you get to the point you have more good days then bad.
    Think of you often,
    Hugs, Cathy & Heather

    Pam, I had written this based on your last post and now see your dad's been in the hospital again! Oh, my your family deserves a break from the universe!!! It looks like the race was a good time and love all the bright colors. I'm sure Lauren was with them in spirit cheering them on.
    My computer got a bad virus and I was offline for over a week. I finally paid to have it removed professionally. I downloaded something I shouldn't have and what a mess it created. Take care of yourself. I always enjoy seeing your photos.