Monday, May 5, 2014

Memories of Wo

Hi Everyone! These next couple months are going to be kind of tough on all of us. We are remembering everything that happened last year and it is very dificult. It doesn't help that Mother's Day is coming up and I don't have one of my daughters. The commercials on tv really get to me. Wo always got me a very thoughtful gift and wrote a beautiful card for me every year. I will miss that from her.

Yesterday was my nephew and his wife's one year anniversary. Their wedding was the last time our entire family was together. I remember Lauren looked so pretty at the wedding and nobody would have ever even known she was sick except she walked with a cane. (A fancy zebra one at that!!) We all had so much fun laughing and dancing. I remember it all got to be a little too much for her and she was sitting alone at her table while we were all whooping it up. She had already had her first surgery and was awaiting the second one two weeks from then. My heart broke for her because I knew she wanted to be normal like everyone else. I went over to comfort her but she would have none of that. She got very stubborn and sometimes cranky during the last few months. I think she was just angry that she was dealt such a crappy hand at life and I don't blame her one bit. She did go on to have a great night at the hotel with a bunch of the people from the wedding, Sis and Bruce, and my sister's family.

I found a little book Lauren made for a school project when she was 11. She had to write a story for each year she had been alive. I would like to share a few with you because they really made me laugh. I typed them exactly as she had typed them.


Hello my name is Lauren Patrice Kunklier.On a snowy Thursday night my mom was laying on the couch watching "St. Elsewhere." My mom started feeling weird so she called my grandma named Tommie to watch Kristen, my sister. My dad took her to the hospital and my mom was in labor all night. The doctor slid into a ditch on the way to the hospital. I was born at 9:40am at Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital and I weighed 8lbs. 9oz. and was 20 inches long. My mom said I was the easiest birth of all three of her kids. I was born on my Daddy's birthday. He was born on March 6, 1959 and I was born March 6, 1986. My dad said it was the best birthday present he had ever received-Lauren Patrice Kunklier

The picture of Lauren and I in her book.

1994- 8 years old

When I was 8 years old we decided we wanted to get another dog since our dog, Gretchen, died. We went to the Animal Shelter and there was a litter of nine puppies. They were found under an old truck right after they were born. They were cute but kind of goofy and lanky. There were two sad looking ones that were in separate cages because their sisters were picking on them. We decided to take one of those. My dad named him Buster. The people at the shelter said he would be very big because he had huge paws. We didn't think he would get that big. Well, he gained like 10 pounds a month and today he weighs around 100 pounds. He is a very sweet and gentle dog, and he loves to play catch. You don't want to pet him right before you leave to go anywhere because your hand will stink really bad. He is a little smelly but I love him very much.

Wo and Buster

I hope you enjoyed Wo's stories. I miss her so much sometimes I can't stand it!! She was one of the three lights of my life and I will never forget her. At least I have many precious memories. Thanks again for following my posts!! Until next time,


Pretty girl celebrating her birthday a few years ago. Fitting since today is Cinco de Mayo!!

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  1. Pam,
    I lol at the stinky hand!
    Lauren was truly one of a kind. She had a great sense of style and I would have loved for her to have done my makeup. Her eyes were so beautiful and of course she had that wonderful smile.
    I can only imagine how tough it’s been and I’m sorry. Just stopped over to let you know I am thinking of you.
    Hugs, Cathy & Heather