Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day

Hi Everyone,

Time for an update, I guess. There has not been much happening around here. Mark and I have been working a lot and are so tired most of the time. We have a fun weekend coming up so we are looking forward to that.

Father's Day came and went. Poor Mark was home by himself most of the day. Ryan and I both had to work and Sis and Bruce were in Seattle for Bruce's sister's wedding. Mark seemed to be ok that day. We went to the cemetery that evening and saw Wo for a bit. I promised him that I would make him a good dinner so I will do that today. I might even make him brownies since he loves chocolate. I remember seeing a little poem about Dads that I wanted to share with you. It is so true. I know Mark hurts so much sometimes, but I feel he spends most of his time comforting me.

I also made a video for Mark featuring the song, 'Who Made The Moon" by the Little River Band. It is such a beautiful song and so appropriate. I hope you like it. It is a tear jerker.
I hope everyone had a special day with their Dads whether they are here on earth or in heaven. I will get to see my dad this weekend. We are going to Michigan for Bruce's graduation from residency. I will have pictures next time!! Here is a picture I just love of Wo. She is at my mom and dad's house
in Oak Harbor. This is the view they have of the river.
Thanks to my friends for making me laugh at breakfast on Monday. You are all so much fun and I love each and every one of you!! It was great to have some new people there with us too!! Please say a prayer for my friend Dawn's great grandson, Billy as he just had a stem cell transplant and is fighting Neuroblastoma. Until next time,

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