Monday, July 7, 2014

Life Goes On

Hi Everyone,
 I have not posted in forever, but I see people are still checking out my blog, so I feel an obligation to keep posting. Our lives are anything but interesting. But, as promised, as long as you are reading, I will keep writing.

 We had a quiet 4th of July at home. We swam in the pool and got Old Carolina for dinner. Mark and I did not go to fireworks as it is still too painful for us. Wo loved fireworks and she went every year with us since she was a tiny kid. Seeing families all together is still too difficult for us. Ryan and Stephanie did go downtown Canton to see some. Sis and Bruce went somewhere in Michigan to see fireworks and hear a symphony orchestra. We are happy that our kids are having fun. One day we hope to be able to to enjoy the 4th again!! Mark and I did go to the cemetery on the 3rd and lit sparklers for Wo. Mark said they were the kind she loved the most. Always thinking about our sweet girl.

I so wish our lives were how they used to be. So much laughter and fun before Lauren was sick. She was definitely the life of the party. I was just remembering when I was in the pool the other day that Wo was such a stinker. Always trying to tip me over in my float, splash me and get my hair wet, or create a huge tidal wave in the pool by pushing a float up and down, making lots of water splash everywhere. Her being gone has left such a huge hole in our lives.

We are doing better, but holidays are just too hard to deal with sometimes. I'm sure as years pass, it will get better for us. I hope you all are doing well and have loving families in your lives. That is the greatest gift of all. Until next time...


She was so beautiful!!


  1. I have been reading your blog for about 2 years I always check it to see if you have posted anything. I think I would be really sad if you stopped writing. My mum died of the same terrible disease

  2. She was only 65 not as young as your gorgeous daughter... But still too young. I will keep checking your blog, it makes me feel better:)