Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy weekend for Lauren , but still feeling cruddy

It has been a very busy weekend for Lauren, but even today, she still has that darn pain in her chest. I am so glad she is seeing the doctor on Wednesday. Maybe he can give her something that will help with the pain more than what she already has.

Lauren went swimming with me on Saturday. It seems the sun kept going under the clouds and we would get cold in the water. I called and had mulch delivered. I ordered 10 yards. I think the most I had ever ordered before was 7 yards. A huge truck came and dumped it. It was all the way full!! Lauren went to Giovanni's house and they had a barbecue and bonfire with friends including Ryan and Stephanie. I think they got home at around 3am. Mark and I went and got Old Carolina BBQ and brought it home. We went swimming for a while too.

Mark and the huge mulch pile. He doesn't look too happy here!

Mark and I spread mulch on Sunday. Mark did 99% of the work. I helped spread mulch around the trees and in the front flower beds and I was done. Physical labor is not my thing. Gio was at his house painting. Lauren slept in pretty late and came out on the front porch for a while. Wo and Gio had to go to a wedding late Sunday afternoon in Canton. Then the reception was at Prime 63 at Anthe's. They said the food was really good and they had fun with friends. Lauren said her chest hurt so bad at dinner that she almost cried. She started taking Hydrocodone with Tylenol instead of her fast acting Morphine. She said it helps a little bit more than the Morphine. She also started taking a 30mg. long acting Morphine at night instead of the 15 mg. It helps her sleep a little better. Poor kid. I sure hope that radiation is working, given all the pain she has had to go through.

My gorgeous peonies. These are my favorite flower of all.

Monday was another day of mulching for Mark. I went to the grocery store. Ryan had to work as he did yesterday too. Lauren and Gio were working on his house. They came back in the afternoon and went swimming. I made shiskabobs for dinner. I marinated chicken and beef. I also put baby potatoes, green pepper and onion on them. They didn't have any whole mushrooms at the store so I sauteed some on the stove to eat with it. I also made a rice dish that Lauren loves and corn on the cob. We also had pineapple and garlic bread. What a great dinner. It definitely is not my favorite thing to make because it takes a long time to chop, cut and skewer everything. We had a short thunderstorm right when we were grilling of course. Lauren was in a lot of pain at dinner and had to take some medicine. She took a little nap after dinner. I like to post pictures, so the one today has nothing to do with this post, but it is of Lauren and I at chemo before her hair fell out. She tried to keep it for as long as she could. This picture was taken after she donated to Locks of Love. It is growing back some now. Getting a lot thicker. She kind of likes the short hair for swimming. Her real long hair was a real pain for swimming, but so pretty.

Lauren and I at chemo in the Fall 2011

I haven't said much about Bruce and Sis for a while. They seem to be working all the time. Poor Kristen was on home call all weekend. She had to go in on Sat. morning for a 5:30 lung transplant and didn't get to come home until after 8 at night. Then they had friends over for dinner!! I don't know how they do it. Hopefully, they will have more of a life once they are done with their residencies. The last time we were with them, Sis said something that stuck in my head. She said being a doctor isn't a career, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle a lot of people would not like or have the patience for. I am so proud of both of them for their dedication and hard work.

Thank you all for your continued support and pray that Lauren starts to feel better. Thanks and I will catch you later...

Love, -Pam

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