Saturday, May 19, 2012

New place...Feels great!!

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to make a blog page instead of posting on CaringBridge.  CaringBridge is awesome, but I felt a little stifled in my creativity. I like to post a lot of pictures and may even start making little videos of Lauren as we continue to along this journey. I hope you all continue to follow this blog. I'm sure you found this by my post on CaringBridge or Facebook. Please add this to your Favorite's List and check back often.  Love to all of you.  -Pam


  1. Great, Pam!! I've never tried Caringbridge, but Blogspot's great. Look forward to pics and videos :)

    Julia x

  2. Yay!! So happy to be here, Julia. I feel I can be so much more creative now!!

  3. Great so far Pam. Well done for starting this. I'll be checking in often. xxx