Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spending The Day With Grandma Tommie and Papa Ron

Lauren was really excited yesterday when my Dad called and said they would be coming down to see us today. They live up near Lake Erie. My Dad said they would first go to his Mom and Dad's gravesites in Wadsworth and plant flowers. They got to our house around 12:30. We went to Grinders in North Canton for lunch. It was a bit chilly, but we decided we wanted to eat on their patio. It was around 70 degrees, overcast and a little breezy, but nice. Lauren and I had salads. Grandma Tommie had a wrap and Papa Ron had a reuben.

Lauren at Grinders with her Grandma Tommie and Papa Ron.

We decided we would go to Giovanni's family business in Akron. My Mom and Dad always wanted to see the place and they wanted to pick up a few things. The business in called D-A Supply and it is on Wolfs Ledges in Akron. It is a janitorial and restaurant supply store. My Mom and Dad had a great time looking at all the stuff in the store. They have everything!! They had fun visiting with Giovanni, his Dad, John and his brother, Bruno.

Lauren and a little wisk she found at the store.

Lauren and Giovanni at D-A Supply.

On our way home from D-A, Lauren's Oncologist, Dr. Zalupski, called to see how she was doing. How sweet is that. A doctor with so many patients takes time out of his busy schedule to call and check on Lauren. This is why we love U of M so much. She told him that the last couple of days have been pretty rough with the pain in her chest, especially at night. She told him she felt a lot better today and it is only causing her a lot of pain when she burps, coughs, or breathes really hard. When we got back to our house, we visited for a while with my Mom and Dad.  Ryan was there. He had gone on a 60 mile bike ride with one of his friends. Good Lord, how can anyone ride one of those bikes with the skinny seat for 60 miles? He wears the whole get up. Spandex, bright jersey, shoes that clip in his pedals, and a helmet. I would kill for his legs!!

My Mom and Dad left for home and Lauren and Gio went to paint at his house. Lauren said she has had enough of laying on the couch at Gio's.  She is ready to get working again. You cannot keep her down. We sure had a fun day today.  Thanks for your continued support.  Until next time...

Love, -Pam

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