Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Month Without Wo

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. It has been pretty quiet around here. We are just trying to get through this winter and dreaming of spring! At least we have had some sunny days, which seems to make this weather more tolerable. I have been watching a lot of the Olympics, but I don't have the excitement for it like I used to. I'm sure like with everything I do, it is because Wo is not here.

You all know that I am not loving my job, so I have been applying different places. I feel I am safe talking about this here and nobody will see this where I work because it is fairly hard to get to know people like at past jobs. We are usually really busy and don't have idle time to get to know anybody. I was excited to see an ad in the paper for a doggie daycare. I have always said that would be my ideal job. Playing with dogs all day!! Nothing better. The position had already been filled. Darn. I did have an interview at a large touristy restaurant near me, but they are very conservative and I definitely am not. I told them I wanted to work in the bakery or the gift shop. It was a very grueling interview with an HR person and some guy that must have been an executive. I was thinking, "Are you kidding me, I'm not applying to be CEO of your company!!" Just a pie maker. Haha!! I did ok on the interview until the last question. They asked if I had any visible tattoos. I said that I did and showed them my tattoo I have with Lauren's name. I said I got it in memory of my daughter who died from cancer. They looked kind of uncomfortable and said that they would need to do a second interview and they would call me if I was chosen for that within three weeks. Well, it has been two weeks and I have not been called. I don't want to work anywhere where a tattoo is a deal breaker. Good grief, this is 2014, not 1950!!!

Mark and I have been having a very hard time lately dealing with Wo's death. It was the eight month anniversary of her passing on Sunday. We visit her grave every day, but Sunday was especially difficult. Since we got the lantern for her grave, Mark makes sure the candle is always burning. I think we have gone through four or five already!! The ache in our hearts from missing her is unbearable at times. I just want to hug her and kiss her and smell her hair. I want to hear her laugh her precious laugh and see her face light up when Gio comes over. I want to see her walk through the door with tons of bags of "stuff" she bought at Marcs because she might need one more nail file or mascara. She probably had 15 more still in the package in her room!! She was one of a kind.

I will look through my picture files and find one that jumps out at me. Thank you for continuing to support us through this difficult time. I am still getting many views of this blog. I am up to over 129,000 views. That is amazing! As long as people are reading, I will write. If one person can find some kind of help or comfort in reading my blog, that is all that matters. Love to all of you,


Wo with her Grandma Tommie and Papa Ron. They have always been there for us and we are forever grateful!!

I couldn't resist this one. It is so sweet. Lauren and Mark.

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  1. Pam, as long as u write, we will read it. Your posts keep us all close to Lauren and u. We all shared a love for Lauren and for u and I hope in a way that we are helping u in your grieving process by reading your blog and reaching out to u in little ways.