Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun Times!

Hi Everyone,

We had the best time at our nephew, Matt, and new niece, Katie's wedding this past weekend. These are the family times that stay in your mind forever. To all be together in one place was such a gift. Congratulations to Matt and Katie!!

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night and Kristen and Bruce had a hotel room for Friday and Saturday nights. They asked Lauren and Gio to come down and stay with them. Linda told them that since they were all going to be there to come to the rehearsal dinner, so they did!! Lauren and Gio left our house around 6 and got to the dinner just in time. Mark, Ryan, Stephanie, and myself all left at around 11 the next morning.

The four of us arrived at Linda and Wayne's house around 1:30 and I had lots of fun helping Linda, my Mom, and Florence (Linda's mother-in-law) get ready. They all looked so beautiful. We had fun taking pics in the back yard.

The wedding was at a country club in Delaware, Ohio. We arrived to a flurry of activity as Katie's family and bridesmaids were putting the finishing touches on the place. We went over to the bar area where all the other guests started arriving. It was great to see our relatives, (Aunts Shirley and Geann, Uncle Paul, and cousin Nancy), and family friends, (Danny and Ann Kirven). There was a shuttle from the hotel and we finally met up with Wo, Gio, Sis, and Bruce. They all looked so nice. The wedding was outside and it was very windy, but it was so beautiful. Matt and Katie looked so happy!!

There was a cocktail hour after the wedding. We were all really hungry so it was much appreciated. Cheese, crackers, veggies, and dip really hit the spot. The drinks were huge!! My Mom had a long island that was as big as she was!! I don't drink much, but I was adventurous that day and had a few different things.

We had a wonderful dinner of chicken marsala, beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, vegetable medley, salad, and rolls. Mark and I were at a table with Linda and Wayne, my Mom and Dad, Florence, and Wayne's brother and his girfriend. The kids all sat together and had Linda and Wayne's niece and her husband with them.

After the speeches which made us all cry, (especially my nephew, Michael's to his big brother), cutting of the cake (Matt smashed it in Katie's face), and special dances, (Stephanie caught the bridal bouquet), it was time to boogie down. We had a ball dancing and being silly. Lauren danced a lot but then ran out of steam. She had a lot of pressure in her tummy area and her feet swelled. She sat and watched everyone else make fools of themselves, but still had a great time.

We are all big fans of cake and their cake was the bomb. Red velvet, chocolate, and white. It was so good and had the best frosting. I think all our guys had about ten pieces each!! Every time I looked at Bruce or Mark, they were eating cake!!

When the evening was over, everyone said their goodbyes. Mark, Ryan, Steph and I headed for home and the rest took the shuttle to the hotel. Wo said the party continued there and Linda and Wayne ordered pizza for everyone. I'm so happy that Lauren got to go to this wedding and her doctor was so accomodating in scheduling her next surgery around it.

Next Wed. is sneaking up quickly. Wo is very anxious to get things taken care of and get on with her wedding planning. My Mom, Dad, and Linda will be there for her surgery again. They have no idea how much their support means to us. Love you guys!!! I am going to post some pics from the lovely wedding weekend. Thank you all for your neverending support. It means the world to us. I will keep you updated next week.


Wo and Gio before leaving for Delaware, Ohio for the rehearsal dinner.

Sis, Papa Ron, and Grandma Tommie at the rehearsal dinner.

The ladies at Linda and Wayne's house. Sis and Wo were at the hotel.

Matt and Katie getting married.

The happy couple cutting their cake. Matt had a groom's cake shaped like a letter O for Ohio state and a little OSU gnome.
Uncle Wayne and Aunt Linda lookin' good!!!

Wo and Gio having fun.

Grandma Tommie looking so pretty with her gigantic drink!!

Brucie loves his cake!!

The kids having fun together!

Our beautiful family. Love them all more than anything!!



  1. So glad you all had such a great time, Pam! You all deserve it and so glad you had such a fun, family time together. So important!

    You all looked just beautiful and I always praying for ALL of you -

    Kris Steinicke

    1. Thank you, Kris. You are so sweet.

  2. Pam~
    I have been thinking a lot about Lauren and keeping her in my prayers ALOT for her recovery and for the upcoming surgery. Your family is beautiful and next will be Lauren's pictures on here of HER wedding after she beats this devil of a cancer!! Hugs to you both, Pam!!

    Patty Corcoran

    1. Thanks, Patty! You are such a gem.

  3. Pam,
    I’m happy your family had such a fun time celebrating on this happy occasion. What a beautiful day for the young couple starting their new life together. Everyone looked so nice and I agree your mother’s drink was humongous. I also hope she thoroughly enjoyed every last drop of it! These are the moments that cherished memories are made of and you are blessed to have such a wonderful family.
    Lauren looks radiant and I’m guessing she is often asked to share her makeup technique. Her eyes are always striking. I’m sure Lauren’s illness is never far from your thoughts, but she is so much more than her illness and it doesn’t define her.
    I pray Lauren and your family has peace of mind, body and soul going into this next surgery. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs, Cathy & Heather

    1. Thank you, Cathy and Heather. People always comment on Lauren's makeup. She has always loved it and just knows what to do to look great. I'm sure she will get a kick out of your post.

  4. Pam,
    I’ve been thinking of Lauren today and hope her surgery went well. Praying for you all and that Lauren’s recovers quickly.
    Hugs, Cathy & Heather