Sunday, May 19, 2013

We Are All Having A Hard Time

The stress of all this can sometimes be unbearable. I think all of us have had a breakdown at one time or another today. I think we are all just so tired. Ryan and Stephanie went home today. Gio and Mark are still here. Dr. Sonnenday told us that some of Lauren's tests are looking a little better. He is planning on taking Wo back to the OR tomorrow to check things out and close her back up. He thought it would be too traumatic for her today. They encourage us to talk to Lauren even though she is sedated and on a ventilator. I think she has 12 IVs running and her dialysis. She is still very sick and if she makes it through this will be recovering in the hospital for a long time. Sis and Bruce have been so helpful in explaining things to us, but it is so hard for them knowing all they do. With all the equipment in Lauren's room, the poor nurses were always bumping into us or vice versa. I don't know what doctor decided Lauren needed a larger room, but they moved her to a huge room that can handle all of her machines plus two chairs and two recliners!!! This way Gio can stay all night with her too. We can all sit back with her and include her in everything, even though she is asleep. Mark read the paper to her today!! He is so good with her. He wipes her face and eyes with soft cloths and talks to her all the time. When the nurses reposition her so she doesn't get bed sores, she opens her eyes. It doesn't look like she is looking at you or anything, but kind of makes her seem more like herself. I guess she can hear us, but once she is woken up, will not remember a thing. I am more tired than I have ever been, so I will leave you for now. I will update after her surgery tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers.



  1. Jon told us about Lauren's illness after he and Mark talked last year. We met Mark at Monroe, North Canton many years ago. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you...may Lauren show improvement again today and every day hereafter.

    Rod & Kathie Covey
    and family

  2. Pam,
    This is excellent news! Lauren is most definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Once she’s closed she will finally be able to mend.
    So many things you’ve written about are all too familiar, but there is hope for life and there was no other way. Lauren is alive and surrounded by people who care about her the most to encourage and support her until she can do it for herself. It will take time, but hopefully a year from now this will be a distant memory.
    Stress is a strange thing. It can bring you past your breaking point, but then you discover an inner strength you didn’t know you had and continue. Like you I would never give up on my child, because that is what love and family is about.
    Thinking of you,
    Hugs, Cathy and Heather

  3. Pam, you have all been in my thoughts and prayers this whole time. I just keep an image in my mind of Lauren when she was over last week for Luca's communion party. She was the brightest thing in the room! She looked radiant with her floral dress, her awesome make-up and that huge smile. I truly felt her strength and positive attitude. As you all sit there with her just try and close your eyes and imagine her in her normal state. Visualize her body healing itself. Try to rest and eat so that you have strength to send positive vibrations to her. I will be doing the same from here! Remember her is time for you all to take that over and send it right back to her. You are all amazing and will get through this!

    With love,
    Nicole R.

  4. Please rest and take care of yourselves,y'all! She will need your strength as she recovers. Hugs,Lori Vogt(realized my name doesn't show up when I post)