Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Evening Update 5/30/13

Hi Everyone,

Fingers crossed for a good night!! So far, so good. Lauren has been sedated, paralyzed from moving, and is receiving too many drugs to even list. That might sound bad, but it is great she is stable and her lungs are having a chance to heal. She has been sleeping so peacefully, but I know it is from the sedation. They are removing fluid again at full speed. She is slowly going down on her vent settings and is also getting a breathing treatment throughout the day to help her lungs. Her nurse noticed she had some bleeding on her gums and thinks it is because her blood is not clotting. I forgot if I told you, but she had another bronchoscopy today and they suctioned a little more blood from her lungs. Not near as much as last night. I asked Gio and Mark to come back because I was afraid Lauren might get bad and I wanted them to be with her. They got to Bruce and Sis's around 4:30. Sis and I had gone to her house so I could get a shower and wash some clothes. My Mom and Dad stayed with Lauren. We stopped at Jersey Mike's and got some big subs for dinner. We took them to the hospital and ate in the waiting room for the SICU. Sis and Bruce left to go home and Mark and I might go there to sleep if I can tear myself away. Gio is sleeping in Lauren's room tonight and I figure we both don't need to. My Mom and Dad left for home this evening. It is so comforting when they are here and they like being here so they know what is going on. We got a few nice things in the mail today. Cards from Bruce and Jan, Dale, and Nicole and Rino. Nicole and rino are Gio's aunt and uncle. Their children, Milena, Luca, and Giustina made get well pictures for Lauren and we hung them on the wall for her to see when she wakes up. They are adorable. Gio's Mom sent Lauren a crucifix to put in the room. Gio hung it on a hook from the ceiling by the doorway. It is facing Lauren. Gio's "Nonni" (Grandma) sent a bottle of holy water from Lourdes, France and a medal from there as well. Gio just put some holy water  on Lauren. Thank you all for everything. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Until tomorrow...

Beautiful Wo.

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