Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Evening Post

Hi Everyone,

Lauren is doing ok. She has been very sleepy today. Gio stayed with her last night and he said she had her eyes open most of the night. She continues to get off more meds. We just wish she would wake up but her liver is having a hard time getting started. She needs it to be working well so that it can metabolize all the anesthesia in her system. Then she will wake up. She is still on the dialysis and they turned it up so that it is taking more fluid off. She got the large IV line taken out of her neck today. I'm sure it feels so much better with it out. They were concerned it could lead to infection if left in longer. Her white count is up a little so they have her back on Cipro. She got her hair washed again today with a little shower cap thing that has water and soap in it. It is microwaved and put on her head. The soap is a kind that doesn't need rinsed. She seems to be quite comfy in her new bed that she got last night. I'm not real sure why she needed a new bed, but it does seem wider and her arms can lay at her side a little better. I think I felt worse getting more sleep at Kristen's house. I was exhausted all day and fell asleep every time I sat down today. I made Gio go to Sis's tonight because I don't think he sleeps when he stays with Wo. Sis was here early this morning. Bruce is on call all day and night. Mark and I got to the hospital at around 10 this morning. Sis left to go study for a while and go to the grocery store. Poor kid is really tired too. She brought Jersey Mike subs for dinner. They were delicious. I am about ready for a snooze so I will update tomorrow. I hope I have good news for all of you.



  1. Pam & family;
    I have prayed constantly for God's healing touch for Lauren. I prayed at Mass this am and I just know He is right there with her. I pray for you and Mark, Gio, ...all the family to stay strong and get some much needed rest. And a special hug for you as you stand by her every step of the way. YOU are an amazing mother!!

    Patty Corcoran

    1. Thanks, Patty. Your prayers and comments mean so much to us. I haven't had a chance to read about your daughter's wedding yet, but look forward to. I love reading your posts.

  2. Thoughts and prayers for Lauren and the family!!!