Monday, May 20, 2013

Mon. Afternoon Update

Lauren is back from her trip to the OR. They took the packing out of her, washed her out, checked her liver and all the repairs, and then closed her up. It took a lot of doctors to take her down and bring her back up to the SICU. I think she is priority #1 around this place. She has her own nurse and sometimes two that only take care of her and boy, do they run their butts off!!! They are so amazing. Her nurse today is very happy with her progress since returning from the OR. They have shut off her sedation, so she might wake up. She has had so much that it will take time. Her nurse cleans her mouth with this toothbrush suction thing and Lauren opened her mouth when she asked her to. So, she is hearing us. Lauren still has all of her IVs and is still on continuous dialysis. We want to jump up and down that she is stable, but are scared to be too optimistic. So, we are cautiously optimistic. Please keep praying that Lauren comes back to us and makes a full recovery. Thank you.


  1. Praying that Lauren continues to stay stable and wakes up soon.

  2. Praying Lauren wakes up and begins her healing process soon. So glad she is back from the OR and they took the sedation away. Sounds very positive. Hugs, Lori

  3. Pam, Lauren will come back great, heaven is to flooded with prayers for any other outcome. Keep talking because she can hear you, all my dreams and thoughts were associated with what my family was telling me! I even remember singing a song about going to the beach and it turns out my daughter (who can't sing)was singing Bob Marley songs to me!!
    Lots of prayers, hugs and HOPE-Cathy

  4. Pam,
    I’m praying Lauren opens her eyes and smiles her beautiful smile so you know everything is fine. I’m relieved these surgeries are behind her and hope she never has to return to an operating room again. It’s been a long ordeal since Wednesday and hopefully things settle down so she can mend. Try to rest if you can and I’m sending my thoughts and prayers to all of you.
    Hugs, Cathy and Heather

  5. Oh Pam!!! I'm praying and praying for you, Lauren and the entire family. She is such a fighter and she will come out of this...she has to!!! I cannot imagine how difficult this all must be. Just stay strong and trust in the Lord!!!

    Love, Teresa

  6. Pam and Family,

    I our Sara's words "just keep swimming" Love and prayers to you all.


    Lynn Chase