Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Busy Day

Hi Everyone,

We had a very busy day today. But, first I will tell you about last night. Gio had a bunch of guys over last night at his house and Ryan and Stephanie went over. Bruce and Sis decided to go over as well and stayed overnight with him. I got up early and got McDonalds for breakfast and took it over. All the boys went to our house to have a workout session in the basement. Afterward, Gio and Bruce went back to Gio's to mow his lawn. Sis and I went shopping for a dress and sweater to bury Wo in. We found a really pretty dress, but had a really hard time finding a long sleeved sweater. We finally found a really pretty white one at Macy's.  I was ok until I picked out a little pair of slipper socks for Wo and I totally had a crying spell in Burlington Coat Factory. This is how it has been for all of us. Sis and I had lunch at Panera and it was sad because Lauren loved to eat at Panera. We were looking through all of our pictures later today to mount on foam board for the calling hours. Lauren was such an adorable baby and child that it broke our hearts. I made Sis drive me to the cemetery again today so I could look around. Everything seems as if it is not real. We had pizza and salad for dinner at our house with the whole gang. It was good to see Gio today. He is the closest thing we have to Wo and we sure do love him. Sis is working on pictures for a slide show at the calling hours. She has been such a big help to me these past few days. Our house is a little in shambles. I was gone for almost a month and Mark was up there for a lot of the time. Imagine if you will, how a house might look when a 21 year old boy is left to take care of everything and three dogs. Now, multiply that by 100!! I think it will take a month to get this house back in order. I really shouldn't say anything about Ryan. He is a very good kid, but his idea of clean and mine are two different things. Love you, Bub!!! I have been sleeping every night in Lauren's bed and last night I was on my computer and fell asleep. I woke up laying on my laptop, the lights on, and the tv still on at 5:30. I remembered I never fed my dogs either. I think not much sleep in the hospital is really catching up. Mark and I are taking Lauren's clothes and makeup to the funeral home tomorrow. Our next door neighbor, Dee Dee and her daughter, Haylie are going to do Wo's makeup and hair. We are so honored that they said yes when we asked if they would do it. Dee Dee is a hair dresser and Haylie is a cool kid with a passion for art. She has a similar way of doing her make up and as you can tell, Lauren had her own style where fashion and makeup are concerned. Sis and I have hair appointments in the afternoon. I can't even remember the last time I had a haircut. That is about it. Thanks to all that have written e-mails, messages on the funeral home site, messages on Facebook and this blog. They are all so nice and really help all of us. We sure are blessed to know all of you. Until next time...


Beautiful sisters.


  1. They are both beautiful Pam. So sorry for your loss once again. I will continue to pray for your peace and comfort that is need in the days to come...

  2. I am amazed reading your words that you are able to do what you are doing. But then again...you have proven to be a strong loving woman who takes care of her family. And that's what you are doing. And thank God for your children and husband and extended family. They will help you through this like you are helping them!! Lean on each other. Love you friend. Wish I could be there!!! Love, TEresa

  3. Oh Pam, you and your family are amazing. You all take such wonderful, loving care of each other. Your family is not only physically beautiful, but "on the inside" beautiful that God wants us to be. Praying for comfort and healing and peace for all of you.

  4. Pam and family,

    Thinking of you and your family always. Keeping busy is a good thing but rest is also important. After things settle down for all of you and if you need to talk give me a call. I wish I had magic words that would help, but I don't, keep your memories of Laureen with you always and know that she will never leave you, she will always be in your hearts and no one can take that away. Sara is still with us in spirit everyday.

    Love to all,

    Lynn Chase

  5. God Bless you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you. I have not gotten on the site for months. I always read your posts about your beautiful daugher and it made me have hope for my wonderful mom who is almost at the end of her fight with this beast. May your angel rest in peace.

    Jen LaFogg