Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paying Respects To Dear Wo

Hi Everyone,

Today is the day when many friends and family will come to pay their respects to our sweet Lauren. We are not sure what to expect, but people keep telling me that they think many people will be at the calling hours. That would be such a comfort to all of us. I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but the day just got away from me. Mark and I took Lauren's burial outfit to the funeral home and then went to breakfast. Bruce, Sis. Ryan, and Steph stayed all night with Gio and in the morning his neighbors, Barb and Dale brought over a ton of food for them. Muffins, rolls, fruit salad. They are just so good to Gio and have always been so friendly. We received a lovely gift basket from colleagues of Sis and Bruce's in Michigan. Thank you so much. We have been receiving many cards as well. Please know that I will thank you all personally, but it is difficult at this time to mention everyone. Just know we appreciate hearing from each and every one of you. Sis and I went to get our hair done in the afternoon at Salon Kisha. The guys opened our pool and Gio gave Ryan and Mark haircuts. Gio's mom and dad, John and Jolene had asked us all to go to dinner with them last night at a Mexican restaurant. It was John, Jolene, Mark, Sis, Bruce, Gio, Ryan, Stephanie, Jacqui, Bruno, and myself. We had a wonderful time with them talking about Wo. I know Wo would have loved to have been there and that made us all sad. We sure did eat though and it was delicious. Jacqui and Bruno gave us an Italian gift basket. This family is so generous and full of love. We love them all to pieces. Thanks, guys. Our power went off in the afternoon and instead of going home to see if it was on or not, we went to Gio's for a while. I had to finish some pictures I was mounting on foam board for the calling hours. Sis is working on a picture loop for the calling hours that will show on a big screen. We had asked our dear neighbor and friend, Dee Dee to do Lauren's makeup and hair for the funeral. She graciously said yes and said her 17 year old daughter, Haylie would like to do her makeup. I don't know many 17 year olds, let alone many adults that would want to take on this very difficult task. We got a text from Dee Dee saying that Lauren looked beautiful and Haylie sang to her as she(Haylie) made Wo look like Wo. Haylie is very artistic and has similar ideas about makeup. How can we ever thank these two precious ladies. We are forever grateful to you. Sis and Bruce stayed with Gio again and Ryan came home because he missed his own bed. I slept with Penny in Wo's bed hoping to dream about her, but I don't think I did. I have trouble remembering any dreams probably because I am a very sound sleeper. I went to the cemetery twice yesterday. Lauren isn't even buried there yet, but I find it so comforting for some reason. Well, I better get going because we are to be at the funeral home by 3:00 and it will be here before we know it. thanks again for your support and love. Until next time...


Fun times with our family.


  1. Pam, you're a beautiful person. No parent should have to go through this. I am so so sorry. People are kind and generous to you because you deserve it and you yourself give out so much kindness and love, it's now returning to you, just as it should. Love to you all xxx

  2. Dear Pam,

    I am so sad at the loss of your beautiful daughter Lauren. I have followed Lauren’s story since the beginning, on the cc website, your caring bridge page and here as well. I prayed so hard for Lauren to get her miracle. I cannot imagine the pain that you, Gio and your entire family are feeling right now, and there are no words to take your pain away. I do know the horror first hand of this unrelenting disease, as my 24 year old godson passed away two years ago after a year long battle with cc. I hope you all find peace and comfort in knowing that Lauren is now at peace and no longer suffering. I pray a cure is found soon.

  3. Ms. Pam and Family, I am still praying for you all. I pray for your strength and peace for your hearts. Lauren was a beautiful person and she had the personality to match. That smile of hers was very bright and radiantly shined through as she battled on. May she be remembered for her Smile, her wisdom and her courage. Take your rest Lauren, you are missed dearly.

    Love Always