Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Afternoon Update 6/6/13

I'm sorry, but Lauren had a terrible time last night. She seems to do ok during the day and at about 4:00 am is when all hell breaks loose. She was fine after her first MARS treatment, but we noticed her oxygen level was dipping into the 80's. They didn't really want to do another bronch, so things were getting worse. I didn't really want to bother anyone at Kristen's because they needed their sleep and the docs and nurses were trying to handle things. Kristen was updated and came in around 6:00 am and didn't like the looks of things. Bruce, Mark, and Gio got here soon after. They decided to go ahead and bronch Wo again since she was going really low with her oxygen. Bruce suggested we go out when they do it this time and I'm glad we did. The bronch didn't work and she was going down. We have witnessed so many bad spells with Lauren, I don't know how many more we can take. Her belly was really hard so they did a procedure called a paracentesis. I know all my CC friends know what that is, but for the rest of you it is when they insert a large needle into the abdominal cavity and drain fluid. They didn't get a lot, about half a liter I would guess, maybe more. Some people get many liters drained and have to keep having it drained every week. I was happy to see they didn't get too much. Someone decided to try and put Wo in the prone position, which is on her stomach with her head higher than her legs. She has not been able to sleep on her stomach for about two years because it hurt her liver to lay that way. I think she really enjoyed being turned because miraculously her oxygen went to the high 90's and has stayed in the 90's all day. She is resting comfortably and is back on the MARS machine today. She has been opening her eyes when we talk to her because she is off the paralytic and I think sedation while on the MARS. We had a heart to heart with Dr. Sonnenday and assured him that we want to continue with the treatment because we know Lauren would want to. Kristen is off work for awhile because it is just to hard for her right now. My Mom and Dad came to visit today. I love when they are here. They brought food from Honey Baked Ham and my Mom made more of her delicious brownies. We left Wo's room for a little bit while they bathed her and cleaned her up. We are all sitting in a small waiting room and everyone is asleep except for me. I wish I had my camera, but it is in the room. Mark is next to me sawing some mighty big logs. Haha. Sis, my Mom, and Gio are also snoozing. My Dad is still outside the room talking with the MARS rep who is here for training purposes and just to oversee things. When he finds someone interested in mechanical things, he will talk all day!!! I'm sure he is really enjoying himself. That is about it for now. We really could use some good days and definitely some good nights. Take care and talk to you later.


Our 3 monkeys about 8 years ago in Myrtle Beach. 


  1. Hoping the MARS machine starts doing the magic, sooner rather than later! Hugs, Lori

  2. Oh Pam, such stress. Hang in there, Lauren sure is! Sounds like Lauren likes her new sleeping position. We are all praying for miracles. Her team is certainly working as hard as Lauren to pull through this! There is still so much love and hope for Lauren. Thinking of your family all the time. Hugs. Nancy