Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Night Update

Hi Everyone,

The MARS ran for eight hours today and Wo is done with it until after the weekend. Dr. Sonnenday was in this evening and said we will all sit down and discuss things on Monday, but he will also be in Saturday and Sunday. I know you all probably get tired of me saying this, but he is such a wonderful, compassionate doctor and he cares so much about Lauren. What more could we ask for in a doctor? Not one thing in our opinion. We will forever be grateful for all he has done and the chances he has given Lauren. Lauren is stable and on her tummy again. We are hoping her liver functions as well as many numerous things show signs of improvement this weekend. Gio called today and got another phone blessing from the 97 year old priest in Illinois named Father Rookey. He has seen many miracles after praying over people and we hope Lauren will be another miracle. We decided to use some of our Panera gift cards this evening and Sis and I went and let her dogs out, then went to get dinner. It was great thanks to the many of you that have sent gift cards. Thank you again. Bruce is still working, Gio and Mark went for a walk, and Sis is reading stuff on her ipad. We received a bunch of cards and I would like to say thanks so much to:

Brent and Kelsey Hite
Kristin Syx
Lindsay Sawyer Wilson and Family
Ronda (Debbie Nelson's friend)
Jeff and Joyce Flaherty and Family - thank you for the gift card too!
Nick Pilolli - thanks so much for the gift card!
Bruno and Jacqui - thanks for all the cards and gift cards!!!
Dawn Lewis - What is this now? Card 4 or 5? Thanks!!

I apologize, but I can't remember if I ever thanked these people. It was a few weeks ago, and I can't remember if you were properly thanked.

Jason and Carolyn Haus - thank you for the card and Panera gift card.
Babar Fiza and his girlfriend, Natalie - thank you so much for the enormous pasta casserole that was so delicious. We ate every last bit.

If I forgot anyone else please know it was not intentional and we are touched by every card, gift card, food donation, monetary donation, prayer, and thought that we receive. I hope I have great news to report over the weekend. I will leave you with a few pics I took today.


Lots of cards for Lauren.

The MARS machine is the small machine on the left.


Mark enjoying cupcakes.


  1. So So good to see things settle a bit. I pray this is the weekend Lauren's liver wakes up and everything starts working in sync like God made our bodies to do!! I have already prayed once this bright morning for Lauren....and now I am off to my 5K for Hospice. You are the strongest family and may Faith pull you and your entire family through this and you will soon be taking Lauren home!! Hugs!!
    Patty Corcoran