Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Afternoon Update

Hi Everyone,

Lauren did well all night and is on the MARS machine again today. She loved being on her tummy all night and seemed happy. They did bronch her today just to look around and try and get some secretions from her lungs. They wanted to do this because they had to turn her over on her back for a bit. They have to move her a lot so she doesn't get stiff and sore and her tummy might be sore because of the incision. Gio stayed all night with Wo last night and I think she is happiest with the love of her life. Lauren had her eyes open most of last night and we spent a lot of time talking to her. She seemed to blink and listen to Kristen when she talked to her. I told her she needed to get better for her wedding and she frowned at me as if to say, Duhhhhhh! I know Mom. Mark has been reading her a Reader's Digest and will then go to the National Geographic next. I'm sure Wo is rolling her eyes about that one!! When they flipped her on her back she still stayed stable and is continuing to stay stable. Yay!! We are in the lounge right now. We went to Bruegger's Bagels this morning and used our certificate for free bagels from Jacqui and Bruno and some other nice people. They were awesome. Thanks so much. I think we are getting dinner from Panera tonight because we have received lots of gift cards to there. We had a visit last night from Asher, who is now a cardiac fellow in Pittsburgh.He was one of Kristen's roommates during med school in Toledo and did his residency at U of M. He was also one of her bridesmen in her wedding. He gave us a card with Panera gift cards from he and AJ, another roommate and bridesman of Sis's who is now a psychiatry resident in South Carolina. Kristen was a groomswoman in his wedding this past year as well. I am so happy that Sis and Bruce have so many nice friends that care so much about them. Kristen's good friend, Becca, brought us some huge fancy cupcakes from Whole Foods last evening and her friends, Alan and Babar stopped by to say hi too. These are all anesthesia residents with Sis. Thanks for the delicious cupcakes, Becca!! You are such a sweetheart. Well, I am going to finish this for now and I will try and update tonight. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. We appreciate your concern.

Love to all,

Our beautiful girl before she and Gio went to his Senior Prom.


  1. That is great news glad to hear good news coming and the prayers are still going strong for Lauren and you all.. Hope to read that she is able to come home soon.. The power of prayer is a powerful thing and we are seeing this with Lauren and she is one of the strongest people I know we miss you Lauren!!

  2. Wow! Good news! Continuing to pray MARS does the trick!

  3. Pam~
    Your post today made my heart smile. I know my family would be just as supportive with me as your family is for your Wo.....but it is just so awesome to witness it...even via Facebook. God if the Ultimate Healer and I will keep praying for Lauren multiple times a day. Have an great weekend!!

    Big Hugs!!
    Patty Corcoran

  4. a group of guys in Ohio who are part of a Bible study are all praying for her keep the faith!

  5. She is a beauty!
    We keep praying!
    The Covey family