Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Update 6/2/13

Stable is the word today. We need Lauren to be stable without any major catastrophes so her body can heal and her liver has a chance to heal. Every time something happens, she is back to square one. Her filter on her dialysis clogged last night and all these bells and whistles were going off. It scared me so much that I just sat in my recliner and prayed and prayed. Kristen assured me today that everything was fine and I am just jumpy because so many bad things have happened. Lauren's filter was not working correctly working this morning and her body temp was cold. Her nurse closed the doors to her room and turned on the bair hugger. It was like a tropical rainforest in the room. Luckily, we had a fan to blow on us. Another nurse got the heater to work correctly, an now Wo is toasty warm. Dr. Sonnenday was in today to see us. He is working on some ideas. Jacqui and her dad had arrange for a priest to come and pray over Lauren. He just left the room and said he will be back often to pray for her. We were very comforted by this as I am sure Lauren was as well. Bruno (Gio's brother) and Jacqui ( Bruno's fiancee') came from Ohio to bring food to us and visit. Jolene (Gio's Mom) outdi herself as usual by sending a ton of food. The lasagna pan was transported in a catering box that kept it cold on the trip up and they cooked it at Kristen and Bruce's house. She also sent a huge salad, bakery bread, and homemade apple streudel. Kristen and Bruce brought everything to the hospital cafeteria and the lasagna pan was so heavy that muscle man Bruce even had a hard time carrying it the long distance. We guessed it to weigh over 30 pounds. It was so good that I can't even explain how good it was. Like dance in your chair good!! Thank you a million times to Jolene for making such a fabulous meal. Bruno and Jacqui also gave us a card with a lot of gift cards in it to local restaurants and carry outs from them and many others. This will help out so much because we eat almost all of our meals here. The Abraham family (family friends of Gio's family and Lauren) sent a card with some Visa gift cards. That will help so much with expenses and we are forever grateful to Emmed, Amin, Amani. Thank you for the gift cards Jacqui and Bruno, Stacey Lynn, Al Petrosino and family, Meredith Shemy, Amy Myers Guthrie, John and Jolene Ricchiuti, Jeff France, Emmed, Hanan, Amani, and Amin Abraham, and Ann Mckee. Your generosity is so much appreciated. Ryan is heading up today to spend some time with us and Wo. It will be so nice to see him. Stephanie was gracious enough to stay home and take care of our dogs. I miss them so much I can't stand it, but I try not to think about them too much. I know Stephanie would have rather come up with Ryan, but we really needed her at home holding down the fort and we really appreciate it. Thanks so much, Stephanie. We love you and know the pups do too. That is about it for now. Mark is reading to Wo. Gio and I are resting in the recliners. Talk to you later.


PS - I forgot that I updated on Friday afternoon and forgot to mention the very nice gesture from a  fellow anesthesia resident and friend of Kristen named Lisa Vitale. She brought us a tray of subs from Jimmy John's, chips, and turtle brownie cookies that were so delish. She came in Lauren's room with this huge bag and introduced herself. What a beautiful girl with a heart to match. Thank you so much, Lisa!!


  1. Stable is good Pam - I'm sure you are so anxious for her to wake up and get back to being "Wo" - she will do that in time. She's been through so much, just like you ALL have. Glad you guys got a good, home cooked meal. I know you all needed that. Remember to take care of yourself too.

    Thinking and praying - ALWAYS!

  2. To the whole Kunklier gang;
    So So So glad you had some "good home cookin" as I know from hospital food and even restaurants, it gets old. PLUS, you didn't even have to leave the hospital and be too far away from Lauren!! Hugs to all who thought about Lauren's family as they wait for their angel to wake up. I, too, think about the whole Kunklier family I have never met, but my heart aches with them as they wait out this time for Lauren and that dang liver to start chugging along for her. My heart aches as a fellow cholangiocarcinoma patient, and as a mother. June is starting out as stable and let's pray to our God that each day in June is a step in the right direction for Lauren. Praying always for a God speed recovery soon!! Hugs!! Patty Corcoran

  3. Pam-you sound so mug better today. Stable, homemade food, priest, family and love is all good!! Patty is right, June is off to a GREAT start!
    Lots of prayers for Lauren to wake up, for all of you to stay strong and HOPE!!!

  4. May god bless you. Take care and stay healthy.