Monday, June 10, 2013

Lauren's Funeral Arrangements

Hi Everyone,

We had a tough night last night because everywhere we turn in our house, something reminds us of Wo. I slept in her bed last night that is in our living room with our two little dogs hoping I might get a sign that she is around. I did find a penny on the floor which might be from her. I know she will never show herself through butterflies, birds, bugs, or anything else with wings because she doesn't like them and is scared of them. I know you probably think I've gone off the deep end, but I do believe people come back somehow to let us know they are ok. Gio stayed at his parents house last night because he couldn't bare being at his house by himself. We told him he can stay here whenever he wants and we want to continue to be in his life as often as he wants us. Mark, Ryan, Gio and I went to breakfast at Farmer Boy this morning for breakfast. Then we went to the funeral home to make arrangements for Lauren. The lady that took care of us made everything very easy and we feel good about our decisions. Lauren will be buried in Uniontown so we can go visit her gravesite whenever we want. Her obituary will be in the Akron Beacon Journal on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm sure if you google the paper you will find it online. Here are the details:

Funeral services will be held Friday June 14th at 1:00 pm at Hopkins Lawver Funeral Home
3553 Northdale Street Uniontown, Ohio 44685
(1 block NW of the square of 619 and Cleveland Avenue)

Friends may call at the funeral home 4-8pm Thursday June 13th and from 12 noon Friday until service time.

Burial will follow at Uniontown Greenlawn Cemetery.

We suggest in lieu of flowers that memorials be made to:

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation
5526 West 13400 South, #510
Salt Lake City, Utah 84096


TMT Pet Rescue (an animal rescue group that saves and fosters dogs and finds them forever homes)
c/o Katie Brodie
2675 Maitland Circle
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223

Thank you all for continuing to support our family through Facebook messages and e-mails. We really appreciate your love for Lauren.

Sis and Bruce are coming to our house tonight and will be here through the weekend.

Love to all,


  1. Pam ... You and Gio will get a sign I almost bet on it.. SHE LOVED YOU BOTH SOOO MUCH.. My moms been gone 37 yrs everyday I get many 56s and so does my family.. My mom was 56 when she passed, Im an only child Pam. Wast going to say anything but I just went to the microwave and thinking about what you said.. ITS 556 WHAT CAN I SAY.. JUST BE OPEN YOU'LL GET YOUR SIGHS.. LOVE YA Mary G&G..

  2. To the Kunklier family and Gio,
    I would love to be able to say all will be better in a few weeks...but I can't. I pray that God lifts you all up through this hard time and make it more bearable by remembering "the good times".....Lauren (from posts and pics)would want you to remember all the times you made her laugh/and visa versa...all the times you cut down the "just perfect" Christmas tree...I could go on and on but I won't. I pray for strength for your whole family to get through the next few days and the weeks and months thereafter. She was one great person!!! Every person who knew Lauren whether through Facebook, her momma's beautiful blog, or best of all in person..was a very lucky person indeed!!! Bear hugs to you all!!

    Patty Corcoran~~

  3. Hi Pam,
    This is Pat Rathbun, Nicole Kayla's mom. I am so sorry for your loss. Words will never be able to comfort you, but know that Lauren is surely with Jesus and the Angels. And don't think our loved ones don't send us messages, I had a dying rosebush in my side yard, Bill and I were actually preparing to dig it out it was so pathetic. When my dear Aunt June Rose passed in 2002, two days later, that rose bush had exactly 36 perfect full bloomed roses. There were so many that they formed sort of an "arch" in two places. I knew then that my Aunt June Rose sent me a sign. Since then, it has bloomed maybe twice with just a couple of roses. But no way am I ever digging it up unless it is to re-plant it! I know both Nicole and I will be praying for you and your family and Gio (who I know is part of your family) and you will be with Lauren again. Just celebrate her life, Pam for that is what our loved one wish us to do. God bless all of you. Love and prayers, Bill, Pat, and Kelsey Rathbun

  4. Hi Pam,

    I am good friends with The Lawver's (Mickey and Ted) I know their daughter Sarah well. Sarah and her husband Roger also work at the funeral home. I will tell you that you will not find a more compassionate and caring family to take care of the final details for your beautiful Lauren. I love them all. Ted Lawver is our age and I have always been inspired by the understanding and respect he has displayed to families and their loved ones. His dedication to his field and the way he leads by example and teaches his's all so admirable. God bless you all with peace, comfort, understanding and beautiful memories. (((HUGS))) Joan Olszeski

  5. So sorry to hear about the loss of your precious Lauren. I've never commented before, but have been following you for a while now. I too am fighting Cholangiocarcinoma. Our stories are very similar, but I am a few years older (41). Reading from a mother's point of view and a patient's view has been interesting. I had such hope that this treatment would be a breakthrough. Love and hugs to your family and friends as they say goodbye to a wonderful sister, daughter and friend.

  6. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I just started following Lauren's story a few weeks back and I am so very saddened to see of her passing. I pray for peace and strength for your family during this time.

  7. Dear Family of Lauren,

    I have never met any of you or Lauren, but am good friends with Lisa Craine. She kept us up to date with Lauren's treatment, her wedding plans, and everything about her so we felt like we knew her. Lisa describes her as the most beautiful girl-- and from her pictures she certainly was. That smile!!! Imagine how beautiful she is in Heaven!

    I pray for you all, and sincerely hope that in the coming days you will find comfort and some peace in all the prayers coming your way.

  8. Pam...keep looking for signs. Shirley has been gone for 4 1/2 years now and I have only had a few. She definitely "came" to me in my dreams last week the night before my birthday. She loved my birthday...always made it special. I do not believe I had a dream of her...I believe she came to me. She was so happy and at peace and just told me everything was o.k. and hugged me with one of her signature hugs. the best in the world. I just thought if I don't let go of her she will be with me forever...I tried but it didn't work. I know lauren will come to you. You two had a bond that nobody else had with each other. I promise you will see her!!! Love, Teresa

  9. Pam, I am so sorry for your loss, I am so sorry that Lauren did get more time in this life. I've been keep reading your story through the website, and have always kept you and Lauren in my mind and heart.

    During my mum's two last weeks, I had this feeling that the biggest role I'll ever have in life, my most important reason for existence, was to be by her and comfort her and give her strength through her last days - perhaps that's why I was even born. I definitely think that for you, Pam. One of the reasons of your existence was to become a guardian angel for the wonderful creature that was your daughter. No other person could have ever done that for her. I cannot imagine any mother being as strong and courageous as you. It seems that you filled her last year with laughter and beautiful moments. All my love to you and your family. Maria