Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning Update 6/3/13

Well, Wo didn't stay stable for long. Last night her oxygen level kept dropping. It dipped into the 70s, but not as low as last time. The respiratory team suctioned her and got it up to 85 where it stayed most of the night. She had a chest x-ray and her lungs looked worse than in the morning. They called in the attending, Dr. Blank at around 4:30am to do another bronchoscopy. They suctioned out a mucus plug and some old blood. Her oxygen level is now at 95 and she is resting comfortably. Her dialysis filter clotted last night as well, so they had to change it out. She had two nurses last night and kept them hopping. Gio and I both stayed with her because I had a feeling something was up. She is better today and even tolerated being turned in her bed which is important to prevent pressure sores. She is back to having fluid drained and is down about 20 pounds. Her poor legs are so swollen. Kristen came in at around 4:30 am and then had to go to work, but only downstairs in the pre-op area. So, she is close. I think Bruce is down in the main ORs today too. He came in at around 11:00 am and works 12 noon to whenever. Mark and Ryan also came in at around 5:00 am. Gio and I would doze here and there . I woke up at 2:00 am and Gio was still awake watching over Lauren. Dr. Sonnenday has plans to bring in a MARS machine. This machine will filter the blood through her liver and clean it better than the dialysis. I think it works with the dialysis. If you google MARS liver machine you can read more about it. He said this is by no means a cure, but will aid in helping Lauren's body rest and heal while it is doing the work. We had a family meeting and are all agreeable for it to be used. It is definitely a longshot that Lauren will ever make a recovery, but we want to be confident we gave her the best shot without being selfish on our parts. We love her so much and will honor whatever God's wishes are for her. Thank God for our strong family that will always stick together and love one another. We feel so blessed to have that. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. What would we do without all of you! I will update again if anything changes.


I hope this works. I made a video for Lauren last year for her one year of beating cancer. Hope you enjoy.
I love this. Lauren and Gio had a caricature drawn when we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. Lauren liked how tiny the girl drew her. We think Gio looks like Ronnie from Jersey Shore. Haha.


  1. Pam & Family,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know the pain you are all going through, there are just no words.

    Love to all,

    Lynn Chase

  2. May Lauren grow stronger and be healed in the name and by the power of Jesus. May she feel the love and comfort of God. Steve French

  3. Pam and family (and Gio),
    I pray to our Lord Jesus that he will touch Lauren and heal her wounds. The video was beautiful but made me cry like a baby. How have I became so attached to your family, Pam...when we have never met face to face. May God hold your whole family in the palm of his hand and heal Lauren SOON. Maybe this new machine be exactly what she needs so her body can heal. There is always hope....always!
    Hugs to the moon and back!!

    Patty Corcoran

  4. Our hearts are heavy for you.
    Rod and Kathie Covey

  5. Pam and family,
    Please know Lauren and you are in my prayers. This has been heartbreaking, but it was the best chance for Lauren. I heard of MARS and wondered if it was an option. I’m glad you are able to try it and pray it helps.
    You clearly love Lauren and want what is best for her. She is fortunate to have you as her advocate, because you are her guardian angels on earth. You’ve done a phenomenal job under the most difficult circumstances. I want more than anything for things turn around and start moving in the right direction, but as humans sometimes things are out of our control.
    You are a family to be admired and I hope you find peace during this time. Thinking of you.
    Hugs, Cathy and Heather

  6. Just watched your video Pam. It was beautiful! Lauren is so courageous, smiling through this battle at all times. She is such an ispiration, a shining light that shines the way through adversity. I read about the MARS, too. It sounds like something her body could definitely use to help her with her fight. Where there is life, there is hope and that is what keeps us going. Lauren is truly a fighter, she has proven it time and time again. She has such a huge crowd behind her cheering her on and most importantly the most wonderful family taking the punches with her. You are all inspiring. I continue to send all the positive thoughts and prayers your way. I wish I could do more. Love and hugs. Nancy

  7. Pam, I've been keeping up with your blog through Lori's FB posts. How brave your Lauren and all of you have been through this illness. God is with Lauren, you and your family. I know already from reading your thoughts that God is working through all of the emotional pain. I'm praying each day for you. Barbara Scheid