Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Morning Update - Happy June 1st!

Not much change, but everything is a little better. Lauren is down a little on the vent settings. She is resting comfortably. When Mark and I got here, Kristen and Lauren's nurse, Kim, were cleaning her up. Sis put some lip gloss and eye shadow on Wo to make her look better. She looks really pretty. Bruno and Jacqui are coming to see her today and bringing some of Momma Jolene's fabulous lasagna. We are very excited about that because it is the bomb. She is such a sweet lady and so good to Lauren. I know her heart is hurting. Gio continues to put holy water on Wo and we believe it is working. Lauren's nurse brought some pretty flowers in today for Lauren. Every day Lauren has one nurse that is only for her so she is getting excellent care. They are more like friends to us than nurses. Bruce is off his call and home getting some well deserved sleep. Sis went downstairs to study for a while. She has boards in July. Gio has been staying with Wo so I feel like I am my old self again. It is crazy what lack of sleep will do to a person!! Sis said I would ask her the same question a million times!! Hopefully, today won't be such a cryfest. We were all such a mess yesterday, but today seems a little brighter! I will leave you with a pic of Gio and Mark hanging out at Lauren's bedside. Gio will always be our son. We love him like our own. Talk to you later.



  1. Pam-who deserves to cry more than you!! Once again I feel like the character on SNL, who always related or had to top the story, BUT my cousin gave me holy water from Lourdes with a special blessing by the Pope (we catholics take no chances) and rubbed it on my abdomen, plus made me drink some!! So Pam what can I say it works and you are right that it is working! Glad you are getting some food that will heal your heart, bring a little joy, and give you strength to keep going!! Lots and lots of prayers for Lauren and all of you right now!!
    Keep talking to Lauren she is hearing you!!
    Love and hugs-Cathy

  2. Love the pictures of the boys! Your family is such a witness to strong family life and faith that all things are possible. Thank you for reminding us all what is important every day! Hugs! Lori